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MSD Performance: Direct Ignition System (DIS) Kits

Available for big block Chevy, small block Ford, and Cleveland Fords, the new Direct Ignition System (DIS) kits from MSD Performance make it easy to upgrade from a conventional distributor-type ignition to modern and efficient coil-per-plug technology. MSD DIS kits eliminate distributor-cap and rotor wear, reduce spark-energy losses from long wires, and optimize tuning parameters.

Users can program these kits through a mini-USB port to provide individual cylinder timing, while fully programmable 2D and 3D timing maps offer complete timing control; MSD’s easy-to-use proprietary software makes real-time configuration and tune-ups simple.

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Holley: Sniper EFI HyperSpark Ignition System

If you want to upgrade your ignition system due to a recent Sniper EFI installation, the HyperSpark ignition from Holley adds easy ignition timing control to nearly any Sniper EFI. Including a high-output HyperSpark CD ignition box, billet distributor, and ignition coil, this complete system produces 535 volts of primary voltage all the way up to 12K RPM.


  • Perfect for anyone wanting to add timing control to their Sniper EFI.
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