DEI Floor & Tunnel Shield II



  A superior alternative to traditional metal thermal shields!

  • High-Performance Materials – an embossed 10 mil aluminum face bonded to 1/8” composite glass-fiber core, backed with a high temp super strong pressure sensitive backing.
  • Excellent Heat & Sound Barrier – use to shield & reflect unwanted heat. Limits heat transfer on fire walls, transmission tunnels, floor boards, fuel cells and other areas where heat is an issue.  Blocks radiant heat from entering driver compartment. Provides excellent light weight thermal protection, acts as a guard against track and road debris, and provides sound deadening as well.
  • Aggressive Self-Adhesive Backing Holds Past 450°F – Sticks to fiberglass, wind and water will not affect adhesive
  • Withstands 1750°F Direct Continuous Heat
  • Multiple Uses: can be used on any number of surfaces including, metal, aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, and more. i.e.  fire walls, under hoods, transmission tunnels, floor pans, fuel cells, and exterior under vehicle locations – anywhere to reflect damaging heat.
  • Minimum Clearance Required, only 3/16” thick
  • Easily Shape, Trim, Peel & Stick
  • Easiest, Most Cost Effective way to control thermal transfer while protecting expensive components and vehicle occupants from extreme heat situations and sound.

P/N 050501 (2′ x 21″; 3.5 sq. ft.)
P/N 050502 (4′ x 21″; 7 sq. ft.)
P/N 050503 (4′ x 42″; 14 sq. ft.)