Flex-A-Lite: LoBoy Flex-Wave Electric Fans

Bringing together its Flex-Wave electric fan blade and LoBoy 16” fan, Flex-A-Lite has achieved a brand-new, best-in-class fan assembly. The LoBoy Flex-Wave electric fan leverages the aerodynamic efficiencies of the patent-pending Flex-Wave design to move a class-leading 3,000 cfm of airflow—33% more than the leading competitor.

The Flex-Wave blade itself is so much more than just a different visual look. Its “sine-wave” profile creates leading edges that cut through the air first in a way that blades with solid, single lines cannot, creating more efficient air movement along with winglet tips that reduce air vortices. In addition, the waved surface provides channels for the air to move along, producing more airflow through the radiator and reducing energy loss. And finally, variations in the trailing blade edges reduce wind noise.

The Flex-A-Lite LoBoy Flex-Wave electric fan can be purchased as a puller (PN 238) or pusher (PN 239).


  • 3,000 cfm airflow—33% more than the leading competitor.
  • Flex-Wave sine-wave blades improve air efficiency.
  • Winglet tips reduce air vortices.
  • Variations in trailing blade edges reduce wind noise.
  • Available as a puller fan (238) or pusher fan (239).
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