Cloyes: Race Billet True Roller Speed Sets

Race-ready Race Billet True roller speed sets feature sprockets machined from premium billet steel on Cloyes’ state-of-the-art CNC equipment, then induction hardened and oil-quenched using the company’s in-house, multi-stage heat-treat process. Premium True Roller chains boast superior strength and full roller action, while the side plates are cut and shaved from high-strength steel and heat-treated for maximum fatigue resistance.

All Race Billet True sets are hand matched at the Cloyes facility by the company’s trained techs to qualify center distance and control runout. Available with 3 or 9 keyway crank sprocket.

Note: Chevrolet applications include the Cloyes patented “cheater” sprocket tooth profile, which offers exacting center distance and improved load distribution.


  • Induction heat-treated, billet steel sprockets.
  • 3 or 9 keyway billet steel crank sprocket (+/- 8°, 2° increments).
  • Premium True Roller chain with 0.250 diameter rollers.
  • Hand matched to qualify center distance and control runout.
  • Many applications available in 0.005” and 0.010” undersize.
  • Some applications available with Z-Chain.
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