AutoMeter Spek-Pro Gauges

The Spek-Pro series line of gauges from AutoMeter is welcoming a few additions, including those for boost pressure (35 and 100 PSI ranges), nitrous pressure, diesel rail pressure, and water pressure. This popular series—designed, engineered, assembled, calibrated, and tested in Sycamore, Illinois—boasts white dial and black bezels along with the following features:


  • 7 background illumination hues: red, blue, green, white, yellow, orange, and violet.
  • Adjustable brightness for day and night, with independent dimming of dial and pointer.
  • Configurable “High” and “Low” warnings using three on-instrument-face buttons.
  • Pro-Control output enables a 1.5-amp load to activate a relay and trigger your choice of: warning lights, external buzzers, fans, pumps, or features such as water/meth/nitrous injection.
  • Peak recall function lets users review high gauge readings. The highest reading will be stored by the gauge until it is cleared.
  • Patented lightweight spin-on bracket and prewired harness for simplified installation.
  • Patented wide-angle dial enables the largest viewable dial available in a 2-1/16” gauge.
  • Precision 280° brush-less stepper motor provides a quiet, fluid, and accurate pointer movement with superior dial resolution.
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