Ford Performance Differentials & Gear Sets


Ford Performance offers the highest quality and best value gear sets on the market and the Strongest and Quietest 8.8″ gears on the market! 

No one does 8.8″ gears better than Ford Performance!

Ford Performance ring and pinion sets are engineered, manufactured, and tested for maximum performance in USA at Ford’s Sterling Axle plant.

These ring and pinion sets offer OEM quality with a superior finish, hardening, and manufacturing consistency and are finished in a black oxide coating for corrosion resistance. They are available in many different ratios to fit a variety of Ford differentials.

The 8.8″ axle gear sets are the choice of championship road racing and drag racing teams. They are available in 3.08, 3.15, 3.27, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10 and 4.56 ratios. Since the 1986 Mustang introduction, the 8.8″ rear end has been the performance standard.

The 7.5″ axle gear sets are available in 3.73 and 4.10 ratios.

A lower ratio gear set will make your Ford Mustang quicker off the line and get to the power band faster.  When swapping gears, we recommend that you also purchase a FRPP Traction-Lok rebuild kit and Ford Performance’s Ring and Pinion Installation kit.

Following are just some of the many parts available.

8.8″ Axle


P/N M-4204-T31 (T-2 Torsen, for 31-spline solid axle and 2000-2004 Cobra IRS with 31-spline axle)

P/N M-4204-M (2015-2016 Mustang Traction-Lok)

P/N M-4204-MB (2012-2013 Mustang Boss 302 Torsen, fits 2005-2014 Mustang GT & 2007-2014 Shelby GT500, for 31-spline axle, 2.7 bias ratio)

P/N M-4204-F318C  (2003-04 Mustang Cobra, for s 31-spline axles  )

P/N M-4204-T31H (T-2R Torsen (Race) type with high bias 4.0 ratio, for 31-spline axle. Can be used f0r performance street or road race applications but not for drag racing applications. Does not fit IRS. Service part for Mustang FR500S race car.)

P/N M-4204-F318C (Traction-Lok Limited-Slip, fits 31-spline axelx, solid or independent rear suspension. Original equipment in 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra)

Ring & Pinion Gear Sets M-4209-88308

P/N M-4209-88308 (3.08)

P/N M-4209-88315 (3.15)

P/N M-4209-88327 (3.27)

P/N M-4209-88331 (3.31)

P/N M-4209-88355 (3.55)

P/N M-4209-88373 (3.73)

P/N M-4209-88410 (4.10)

P/N M-4209-88456 (4.56)

Ring & Pinion Installation KitsM-4210-A

P/N M-4210-A (1986-2014 including IRS; use when new bearings are not required)

P/N M-4210-B2 (1986-2013 including IRS, except doers not fit 2013 BOSS or GT500 with axle codes S-215-D and S-219-D; includes rear pinion bearings and heavy-duty carrier bearings)

P/N M-4210-C3 (1986-2004 except IRS differential, includes pinion bearing & Mustang GT carrier bearings)

Axle Bearing & Seal KitsM-1225-B

P/N M-1225-B (1986-2004 Mustang, 2.256″ OD bearings)

P/N M-1225-B1 (2005-2014 Mustang GT & Mustang GT500, 2.5308″/2.5315″ OD bearing, 1.6189″/1.6194″ ID bearing)

P/N M-4413-A (Rebuilt IRS differentials)

Traction-Lok Rebuild KitsM-4700-B

P/N M-4700-B (For Traction-Lok differentials)

P/N M-4700-C (For Traction-Lok differentials, kit includes Carbon Fiber discs)


7.5″ Axle

Currently Ford Performance does not offer performance differentials for 7.5″ axles. The following are upgrades for the differential on your vehicle.

Ring & Pinion Gear Sets 
(1979-1985 Mustangs, Mustang V6 applications to 2010)M-4209-75373

P/N M-4209-75373 ( 3.73)

P/N M-4209-75410 (4.10)


Installment KitM-4210-B75

P/N M-4210-B75 (Excellent upgrade for all 7.5″ rear ends)

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