Baby, it’s getting hot out there!
Make sure your car parts aren’t overheating.

Increase your engine’s oil, fuel and transmission cooling with a Flex-a-lite oil cooler!

Flex-a-lite offers different types of oil coolers for additional protection:

  • Transmission  (for transmission or power steering fluid) Mounts in front of the radiator or A/C condenser. 1/2″ tube diameter
  • Engine (for engine & transmission)  Mounts in front of the radiator or A/C condenser. 1/2″ and 5/8″ tube diameter
  • Compact (for fuel, power steering or pre-oiler for turbo) Mounts in frame rail. 1/2″ tube diameter
  • Remote  (for transmission,  heavy duty engine or power steering) Does not require ram air flow and mounts wherever space permits. 1/2″ or 5/8″ tube diameter.

For moderate, heavy dutyauxiliary and high-demand/heavy duty  engine oil cooling applications. Some coolers can be used for primary or auxiliary transmission or engine oil cooling. The cooler part is based on your application.

Following is a selection of some of the coolers available from Flex-a-lite.

Oil Coolers


P/N 3951 (Engine Oil Cooler for moderate or auxiliary engine oil cooling applications on vehicles with spin-on filters)


4109P/N 4109 (Compact Coolers  for fuel, turbo bearings, differential, etc but -not for engine oil cooling)


Translife® oil coolers protect and extend your  automatic transmissions, power steering and other vital components from damage caused by oil overheating.  They use turbulators inside the tubes for superior heat transfer. Reducing fuel temperatures improves its fuel energy.

Tests have proven that a 20 degree drop in transmission fluid temperature can double the life of automatic transmission components. Cooler transmission oil gives more reliable, consistent shifts under racing conditions and prevents transmission damage under extreme towing conditions.

You get quality you can count on with every Flex-a-lite coolers designed and built in their own facility and  pressure and flow-tested to assure reliability and quality of construction.

Coolers come with either 3/8-inch barbed, ½-inch NPT or -6 AN fittings, and many are available with  a “J” style return line.

Also available are their direct-fit transmission cooler kits that come with brackets and hardware to mount a Translife® oil cooler to specific applications.

4110M4P/N 4110M4 (Direct-fit Translife 5×12 transmission oil cooler kit for ’97-’04 Ford Mustang with the Flex-a-fit® radiator and Flex-a-lite® electric fan or with a factory radiator.) 5×12″ cooler with ½”tube diameter & 3/8″ barbed fitting.

This  direct-fit transmission cooler kit with a Flex-a-lite Translife ® cooler comes with  brackets and Gator Clips® required to mount the cooler to the vehicle without going through the radiator core.

Heavy Duty Coolers

Heavy Duty Coolers for primary or auxiliary transmission or engine cooling.

Engine oil acts as a coolant as well as a lubricant. If your oil gets too hot, horsepower drops, varnishes form, and oil starts to break down. These heavy duty coolers  reduce the stress created by high performance engine modifications and are suitable as heavy duty transmission oil coolers.

Select the  cooler based on your vehicle’s temperature, available space or GVW rating.

P/N 45223  (H/D 7 x 18 x 1 ½” oil cooler with 3/8″ barbed fittings)45223

  • 5/8 inch tube dia.
  • 20,000 GVWR
  • 4 pass configuration
  • Aerospace epoxy construction
  • High-twist turbulator design improves heat transfer
  • Includes all mounting components

Flex-a-lite® HD remote mount oil coolers provide transmission or engine oil cooling applications where there isn’t enough space to mount a cooler on the radiator or when the engine is prone to overheating from high rpm and low vehicle speed like slow-speed off-roading. This thermostatically controlled unit features a custom shroud that maximizes the effect of its powerful electric fan, and can be mounted wherever space permits. Big enough to cool a 30,000 lb. motor home transmission.


P/ N  45954HD (Remote mount 10 ½ x 15 x 1 ½” oil cooler with 1/2″ barbed fittings and 850 cfm electric fan)

  • 5/8 inch tube dia.
  • 26,000 GVWR
  • 6 pass configuration
  • Supplied with Gator Clip mounting clamps
  • Aerospace epoxy construction
  • High-twist Turbulator design improves heat transfer

Flex-a-lite also offers shrouded heavy duty remote coolers.

Don’t forget to protect your coolers rock and road debris damage.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Cooler Edge Protectors

3980They give the oil coolers a custom finished look while protecting the sides of the fins from damage without compromising the cooler ability to reduce temperatures.

P/N 3980 (11 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1/4″ for Flex-a-lite coolers P/N 45201, 45261, 45265, or 45901)

Cooler Guards


You can buy some transmission and oil coolers with guards or buy the guards separately.

P/N 4100G (for Flex-a-lite cooler P/N 4110)



Flex-a-lite also offers other oil cooler accessories: GatoClips, sandwich adapter kits, remount and installation kits.

Click here to go to their website to check out the various parts available.

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