MSD Atomic EFI


The Atomic EFI outshines the competition in ease of installation and performance!

Designed  with two goals: simplicity and performance for Do-It-Yourself Electronic Fuel Injection! MSD rewrote the industry standard for easy installation and programming.

ATOMIC TBI (Throttle Body Injection)

Looks great on top your intake manifold and the ECU and built-in sensors are integrated into the throttle body making this the easiest way to convert your classic car to electronic fuel injection. Makes your street rod or muscle car start and run like a brand new car!


  • Easy installation with less wiring/fewer connections (half the connections of other EFI kits)
  • Can be installed with basic hand tools in just a weekend! This is due in large part to the ability to run a returnless fuel system so there are no modifications to the tank and no need to run another fuel line (in most applications)
  • Returnless fuel system design – No need to run a second fuel line
  • Quick starts, smooth idle and great throttle response
  • Control ignition timing through the ECU
  • Control two cooling fans for consistent engine temperatures
  • Improved air/fuel distribution through annular ring injection design
  • Compact handheld monitor that allows you to select a number of parameters to match your engine combination
  • Self learning technology eliminates the need for PC programming. It will start learning your combination immediately
  • Remove the monitor after it’s running or leave it in place to monitor real-time engine parameters
  • Easily calibrate for engine upgrades at any time
  • Supports nitrous and boosted applications
  • C.A.R.B. Approved: E.O.# D-722

Basic Kit Includes: Throttle Body, Power Module, Wide Band O2 Sensor, Handheld Programmer

2900Master Kit Includes: Basic kit plus Fuel Pump, Fuel Filters, Brackets, High Pressure hose & Clamps

P/N 121-2900 (Master Kit, Max 525 HP, CARB E.O #D-722)
P/N 121-2910 (Basic Kit, CARB E.O #D-722)
P/N 121-2910K (Basic kit & MSD High Horsepower Fuel kit, Max 620 HP)

FUEL DELIVERY ACCESSORIES: (For engines up to 525hp)
P/N 2920 (Atomic Fuel Pump, Pre-Filter, Post-Filter, 15 ft. 3/8” Fuel Line, Mounting Hardware)
P/N 2921 (High HP Fuel Kit: PWM Fuel Pump, Pre-Filter, Post-Filter, 15 ft. 3/8” Fuel Line, Mounting Hardware)
P/N 2922 (Atomic EFI Fuel Pump Return Kit: regulator, 15 ft. of 3/8” line and the fittings to assemble)
P/N 2925 (Atomic Fuel Pump, 525 HP, 3/8″)
P/N 2926 (Atomic Fuel Pump, 625 HP)

ATOMIC LSatomic-installed

  • Wiredless EFI to replace massive factory ECU with its wiring aggravation.
  • Innovative design and advanced technology drastically reduces the wiring of an LS fuel injection system – incorporates the electronics into the fuel rails of the system! No bulky ECU to mount, no wires to route to and from. It’s all on the engine, hidden in plain sight. Improves the overall cleanliness of the engine compartment.
  • Cools the electronics with the computer co-located with the fuel rails.

You will need to install an O2 sensor, mount a control/power box, hook the system up to 12 volts, plumb, wire a fuel pump, and connect a half dozen or so sensors to the small harnesses sprouting from both fuel rails and plumb the fuel crossover but it saves you time and aggravation from old wiring.

Supports both single or dual throttle bodies and compatible with returnless fuel line. Automatically recognized 24 or 58 crank trigger wheels. No laptop is required.

This is not some basic entry-level system. It has  very powerful tools that allow ignition retard for nitrous, fuel enrichment for boost, A/F ratio targeting, idle rpm targeting, and rev limiting.

Note: Fuel pump, hoses and injectors are NOT supplied.

For LS1/LS6 and LS truck engines, you will need a master kit and an installation kit to match your engine.

P/N 2950* (LS2/LS3)
P/N 2960* (LS7)
P/N 2957* (LS Early model LS truck with 3-bolt throttle body)

P/N 2982 (Hand held module)

There are two accessory ‘Installation Kits’ that provide the correct injector connectors for an LS1/LS6 when used with the P/N 2950 (LS2/3 Master Kit).

P/N 2955* (Install Kit LS1/LS6 use with P/N 2950)
P/N 29551* (LS Pro Flow manifold, use with P/N 2950)
P/N 2956 (Install kit LS trucks)

P/N 2940* (Atomic LS Throttle Body)
P/N 2942 (TPS/IAXC LS Throttle Body)

*Not legal for use on sale of pollution controlled vehicles.

NEW For use with Atomic TBI and LS:2938
P/N 2938 (Adjustable Fuel Pump Regulator)
Configured for a single -6AN inlet, and dual -6AN outlets (for regulator-to-tank line routing flexibility). The recommended operating range is 15-90 psig (pounds per square inch gauge). The maximum recommended flow rate is 500 liters/hour (2.2 GPM). The vacuum/boost compensation ratio is 1:1.)

ATOMIC TCM (Transmission Controller Module)2760

Available as a stand alone controller  or Brainwave ready.

Designed to control late model GM/Ford 4-speed transmissions with the ease and flexibility of electronic controls. Works with most OE or aftermarket fuel injection systems and carbureted applications equipped with a stand-alone Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Includes controller, hand-held monitor and auxiliary harness. Transmission harness sold separately.


  • Adjust shift points
  • Adjust torque converter clutch behavior
  • Select different levels of shift firmness
  • Select between auto shift or manual shift mode
  • Activate Dyno Mode to deliver repeatable chassis dyno results Brainwave.

Brainwave Features:

  • No Sensor Duplication
  • Single Point of Communication
  • Common Connection – Everything on the network can be monitored or adjusted from a smart phone or tablet using the Brainwave app.
  • Improved Network Operation.
  • Includes controller and auxiliary harness.Transmission harness sold separately.

P/N 2760 (Stand-Alone system)
P/N 2761
(Brainwave compatible TCM)

Trans Controller Harness (to connect the TCU to your specific transmission):

P/N 2770 (1993 – up, 4L60-85E; 2006-2009, 4L70)
P/N 2771 (2009-up, 4L70)

P/N 2272 (1998-up, AODE/4R70W)
P/N 2773 (1992-1997, AODE/4R70W)
P/N 2774 (1998-UP, 4R100)
P/N 2775 (1995-1997, E40D)
P/N 2776 (1989-1994, E40D)

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