Competition Cams® valve springs offers you advantages found no where in the industry. Everything they make is based on what their customers needs and the result of huge investments in personnel, expertise and equipment.

The heart of spring making is spring design (by specialized engineers and world-class metallurgists)  and the soul is system-analysis (where the prototypes are manufactured under intensive and rigorous standards and then subjected to an extraordinary amount of analysis and testing in a full valve train set-up).

You Have A Choice Of Valve Springs By:



BEEHIVE  This unique shape offers less spring pressure with better valve control, with less spring weight and allows a smaller, lighter retainer.

DUAL  Made from Super Clean™ wire to eliminate surface flaws and fissures for a stronger valve spring to easily handle increased lift found in extreme stress applications. Elite Race™ Dual Valve Springs are also available.

TRIPLE Also made from Super Clean™ wire but engineered to offer the ultimate in strength, durability and valve train stability. Made to handle the increased lift and extreme demands of aggressive race applications.

For more information of theses valve springs and the part numbers, click here.



SINGLE outer and inner springs, made from Super Clean™ wire, allows you you build the perfect spring assembly for your application.

OVATE WIRE Made from from Super Clean™ oval shaped wire instead of round so there’s more material in the same area to more efficiently distribute the operation stresses.

CONICAL This design results in longer spring life and progressive frequency increases RPM limits and creates the ability to run more aggressive camshafts.

For more information of theses valve springs and the part numbers, click here.



ELITE RACE™ are free of surface defects for optimum strength and durability. Designed for use with roller camshafts. Available from .007″ to .700″ maximum lift.

RACE are designed to handle the elevated demands of race applications. Available with maximum lift of .625″ to .750″.

STREET/STRIP unique design enables the value train to handle higher RPM and more aggressive cam profiles for occasional bracket racing but still retrain durability for street driving. Available with maximum lift of .590″ to .750″.

PERFORMANCE STREET oval Beehive shape design yields more stability, higher RPM, more horsepower and you can have higher lift camshafts while maintaining the stability of OE applications.

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Value Springs Accessories:

RETAINERS retainers
Steel, lightweight tool steel and titanium materials options allow the perfect fit no matter what your application or needs. These precision retainers are specifically designed for positive location when combined with COMP Cams® high-quality valve springs.
Available with 7°, 10° and 11° lock angles.

locks and lash capsLOCKS & LASH CAPS
For today’s racing engines running at higher RPM levels with harsh cam profiles.
The tip of the valve stem is subjected to a tremendous amount of pounding. These engines always run just on the brink of valve float – one of the most severe conditions that exists. These are the best solution to this problem.
Multiple sizes and variations to fit all applications and requirements. For simplicity and ease of use, any Super Lock™ fits any COMP Cams® 10° retainer.

An effective solution to the problem of standard shims not holding up to the extreme spring pressures and high RPM of today’s race engines. These Valve Spring Locators provide a thin, hardened steel alloy seat that will not only protect the head and shim, but also locate and hold the spring in place. A wide range of sizes are available to locate from either the inside or outside diameter. New I.D. Locator is engineered with the locating shoulder on the inside.

shimsUsed to equalize the installed height of valve springs. Available in a wide range of diameters and three different thicknesses (.015″, .030″ and .060″) to help achieve proper valve spring height in any application. Valve Spring Shim Kits are also available with 16 pieces.

Late model Big Block Chevrolet engines are originally equipped with exhaust valve rotators.
Locates springs with an outside step to prevent springs from “walking” on the head. Eliminates the need to stack shims.


Spring seat and guide cutters/arbors will allow machining of the cylinder head to the proper size for your spring. Each cutter requires the use of an arbor/pilot, which are available in three different sizes. These arbor/pilots also will work with the valve guide cutters used for shortening the guide for a high lift cam or installing a COMP Cams® Teflon seal for oil control.
Spring Seat Cutters available in many sizes from 1.320″-1.810″ O.D to fit any need.
Valve Guide Cutters available for cutting guides to .446″, .494″, .500″, .530″ or .625″.
Arbors/Pilots available for 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″ and 7mm valve stem diameter.

For more information of theses valve springs accessories and tools and their part numbers, click here.

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