The Ultimate Air Valve For Your LS Engine!

Unquestionably the BIGGEST BORE – with the  MOST FEATURES LOADED available!

Regardless of whether you have a turbo, supercharger, or a big cam engine sucking gulps of air, Holley’s throttle bodies are MAXIMIZED for your application with a BLACK ANODIZED finish  for a modern tech look!

The 95 mm version comes with a tapered bore to ensure low-RPM drivability. The 105 mm is available with the same taper, or a straight through bore for when WOT is all that matters!

Features include:

  • Largest bore opening available (Promotes HP gains over OEM equipment.)
  • Optional tapered throttle for improved low RPM drivability (P/N 112-581 & P/N 112-858)
  • Fully adjustable PCV passage valve for fine tuning and accommodating forced induction applications (No more tapping or installing plugs to block off the PCV!)
  • Idle bleed adjustment screw (Adjust your idle without affecting throttle position or TPS idle voltage.)
  • TPS clocker (Patent pending, allows the TPS to be rotated back into the ECU’s required idle voltage. No more TPS-related idle adjustment problems.)
  • Built-in provision for cruise control cable.

P/N 112-581 (LS throttle body, 105mm w/tapered bore)
P/N 112-583 (LS throttle body, 105mm w/o tapered bore)
P/N 112-585 (LS throttle body, 95mm w/tapered bore)


P/N 20-147 (95mm TB cable bracket for OE & Fast car style)

P/N 20-148 (105mm TB cable bracket for OE & Fast car style)


P/N 20-149 (95 & 105 mm bracket for HI-RAM intake)

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