Spiral-wound suppression core for low resistance and minimum spark loss!


  • High quality 9mm wire
  • Tough silicone insulation to withstand high temperatures and voltage loss for minimum crossfire
  • Highly resistant to fuels, oils, and solvents
  • 45 degree plug boots
  • Long-life, tough stainless steel distributor cap terminals for post type distributor caps
  • Coil wire for socket-type coil
  • Wires are numbered for each cylinder (like the factory Ford wires) and have the “Ford Racing” script on them
  • Available in 4 colors: blue, black, yellow and red

45° Boot V6 & V8 Universal Wire Sets*:
P/N M-12259-C302 ( Blue)*
P/N M-12259-M302 (Black)*

Universal sets can be cut to length with a crimping tool. Includes terminals for post- and socket-type coils, plus easy-to-follow instructions. The universal sets do no fit distributorless ignition system (DIS).

45 ° Boot Wires for 5.0/5.8L V-8 Engines*:
P/N M-12259-C301 (Blue)*
P/N M-12259-R301 (Red)*
P/N M-12259-M301 (Black)*
P/N M-12259-Y301 (Yellow)*

* These wire sets will not fit distributorless ignition systems (DIS) of 5.0l/302 Explorer Engines and the universal sets will not fit any DIS system.

45 ° Boot Wires for 7.0/7.5 V-8 Engines:
P/N M-12259-C460 (Blue)
P/N M-12259-R460 (Red )

45° Long Boot for 4.6L 2V Mustang:
P/N M-12259-C462 (Blue)
P/N M-12259-R462 (Red)
P/N M-12259-C464 (Blue)
P/N M-12259-R464 (Red)
P/N M-12259-T462 (Blue)

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