MSD gives you the Fire to Drive!

With over four decades of experience in designed and manufacturing high output ignition systems, it’s no surprise to learn that they are introducing a line of performance spark plugs –  MSD’s new Iridium Spark Plugs. Engineered and designed to be used on high performance, high output street engines.

Proprietary plug design inside and out – to improve the efficiency of the combustion process to create the most power possible combined with increased durability.

Designed for Use on High Performance Vehicles that utilize high output ignition systems. These plugs are designed to outlast other performance plugs on the track or on the street.


  1. Yttrium Ground Electrode: The center machine ground strap enhanced with Yttrium can withstand the heat associated with high horsepower ignitions unlike any other spark plug.  Reduces the chance of pre-ignition.
  2. Copper Core that transmits heat to the cylinder head to help prevent knock. Spark plugs need to be cooled or they can cause detonation.
  3. Iridium Tip: The center tip of the plug is made from iridium to promote the best spark and increase resilience as well as improves cold starts
  4. Proprietary Ceramic Material: enhances the dielectric strength of the plug housing forcing the spark, even under extreme cylinder pressures, to jump across the plug gap to the ground electrode. This electrode is machined to expose more spark to the incoming gases to promote the most effective combustion event possible.
  5. Proprietary copper center core in our plugs we have reduced the heat within the plugs to allow the increase of life on the insulator tip which means you need to change out your plugs less often.
  6. Machined Electrode increases exposure to the flame to improve combustion
  7. Tested prior to packaging and shipping
  8. Shorty-style plugs for applications where space is limited are available
  9. Sold individually and in sets of 4

Contact your Parts Pro Performance Center to place your order now.



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