Moroso Air-Oil Separators

These Air-Oil Separators are an excellent tool for collecting moisture!

Vehicles from the factory vent these excess crankcase vapors and residual oil right back into the intake manifold which could cause detonation and oil deposits to form in the intake track including the valves themselves. Ethanol enriched fuels put off more moisture during the combustion process. The air-oil separator is plumbed into a vehicle’s PCV system to capture the excess crankcase vapors and the residual oil mist from reentering the intake track.

Polished Billet Aluminum body compliments any engine compartment and can be chromed or powder coated for a custom look. Includes 3/8″ 90º inlet & outlet fittings, 36″ of 3/8″ rubber hose* for plumbing the Air-Oil Separator inline, and a billet aluminum mounting clamp for the body of the Separator. Also features a bottom drain with elbow that makes draining the collected oil virtually mess-free.

P/N 85474  (Universal application)

P/N 85472  (Challenger/Charger 5.7, 6.1)

P/N 85486 (96-04 Mustang)
P/N 85477 (05-10 Mustang)
P/N 85485 (11- present Mustang)
P/N 85478 (07 -10 Mustang Shelby GT 500)
P/N 85628 (11-14 Ford Mustang GT, Small body)
P/N 85629 (11-14 Ford Mustang GT, Small body, Black finish)
P/N 85616 (07-14 Mustang Shelby GT 500, Small body)
P/N 85616 (07-14 Mustang Shelby GT 500, Small body, Black finish)

P/N 85481 (GM Truck)

P/N 85479 (Dodge Truck 5.7)

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