Track Tested and Street Proven

Having problems with cornering and handling?

Sway Bars are the easiest, most cost effective way to improve your vehicle’s cornering and handling performance.

  • Reduces body roll so you benefit from better vehicle control
  • Greatly improved cornering traction for safer driving and cornering capabilities
  • Distributes weight evenly

Hellwig sway bar kits provide the ultimate in road handling and performance. Most factory suspensions trade off handling performance for soft ride characteristics. Hellwig sway bars can improve handling while maintaining ride quality. Hellwig Sway Bars are precision engineered and 100% American made. They use modern technology to give your vintage muscle car the leading edge performance of a modern performance vehicle. You get that “extra” performance edge without sacrificing comfort.

The larger diameter construction and polyurethane bushings make major improvements in the way your vehicle handles. Each sway bar kit is engineered to fit your specific vehicle model. The sway bars are made of heavy duty 4140 chromoly steel that is hot-formed and heat treated for maximum strength, durability and performance. Not only is handling improved but tire life is extended by maintaining even pressure on all four corners of the vehicle in cornering situations.

All kits are easy to install with simple hand tools (although some kits may require drilling) and include heavy gauge mounting hardware, specially formulated polyurethane bushings and easy to follow installation instructions.

Hellwig Products offers both front and rear sway bars for most performance muscle cars. Most applications feature an adjustable rear sway bar to perfectly match you sway bars to your desired vehicle handling. With solid, tubular and adjustable rear sway bars (and a few adjustable front bars) you can get the handling you desire with Hellwig Sway Bars.

Tubular Sway Barstubular-s-b

Hellwig is the only aftermarket manufacturer that offers solid, tubular, and heat-treated sway bars to match any suspension requirement.

Hellwig Motorsports tubular sway bars utilize high strength tubular DOM steel to maximize vehicle performance but with up to half the weight of a solid bar.

Solid Sway Barssolid-s-b

Their solid sway bars are unmatched in strength and durability with an average tensile strength of 170,000 psi.

Rear Sway Bar 3-Point Adjustabilityrear-s-b-adj

Some of Hellwig Motorsports™ are adjustable.

Their new patent-pending rear sway bars feature 3 point adjustability as well as adjustable end links to accommodate modified ride heights.

Two NEW Tubular Front Sway Bars

Available in two diameters to accommodate the various suspension upgrades available in the market for the following applications:

  • 64-77 GM A-Body
  • 70-81 GM F-Body
  • 75-79 GM X-Body

P/N 55703 (1-5/16″ dia.) recommended for vehicles with stock suspension geometry  and P/N 55706  (1-1/4″ dia.) designed for vehicles with revised roll center location using tall spindles or tall ball joints.

These bars are designed to be used with the following rear sway bars for maximum performance:

P/N 5800 (64-72 GM A-Body, 1″ rear sway bar)
P/N 5803 (74-77 GM A-Body, 1-1/8″ rear sway bar)
P/N 5816 (70-81 GM F-Body,  3/4″ adjustable rear sway bar)
P/N 5824 (75-79 GM X-Body  3/4″ adjustable rear sway bar)

Following is a sample of more Hellwig swag bars available for muscle cars.

Solid Front Sway Bars:
P/N 5906 (67-72 Mopar A-Body 1-1/8)
P/N 5903 (64-69 Mopar B-Body, 1-1/8)
P/N 5904 (70-72 Mopar B-Body, or 70-74 Mopar E-Body 1-1/8”)
P/N 6707 (67-70 Mustang or Cougar, 66-70 Falcon or Comet, 66-69 Fairlane or Torino, 1-1/8”)
P/N 6708 (71-73 Mustang or Cougar, 66-70 Montego or Ranchero,70-71 Fairlane or Torino, 1-1/8”)

Tubular Front Sway Bars:
P/N 55703 (Pro Touring models: 64-67 & 73-77 GM A-Body, 70-81 Camaro or Firebird, 75-79 GM X-Body 1-5/16”)
P/N 55903 (64-69 Mopar B-Body, 1-3/8”)
P/N 55904 (70-72 Mopar B-Body, or 70-74 Mopar E-Body 1-1/4”)
P/N 55906 (67-72 Mopar A-Body 1-1/8”)

Adjustable Rear Sway Bars:
P/N 6806 (65-70 Mustang; 67-73 Cougar, 63-70 Falcon or Comet, 3/4″)
P/N 6808 (71-73 Mustang or Cougar, 3/4″)
P/N 6907 (63-76 Mopar A-Body, 67-72 Mopar A-Body (Pro Touring FSB), 3/4″)
P/N 6909 (64-70 Mopar B-Body, 7/8”)


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