Auto Meter GT Series – Street Performance Products


Part Street Fighter, Part Stealth Fighter, All Auto Meter!

The GT Series is an industrial design, forged in carbon and built as the ultimate weapon for your dash.


DIGITAL  2 -1/16″:8079

An eye catching visual reference with an exact numeric reading! This bright, LED lit, digital gauge uses a micro processor controlled display for the ultimate in precise, high-tech readings.

P/N 8079 (Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Street)


Bronze bourdon tube 270 degree sweep movements and durable nylon gearing have made these rugged and long lasting gauges a proven high performance favorite for over 50 years.

These mechanical gauges require no electrical power for operation making them an ideal choice for racing vehicles with no or low powered electrical systems.

P/N 8001 (Vacuum/Boost, 30″ Hg/20 psi)

P/N 8003 (Vacuum/Boost, 30″ Hg/30 psi)

P/N 8004 (Boost,0-35 psi)

P/N 8005 (Boost, 0-60 psi)

P/N 8021 (Oil Pressure, 0-100 psi)

P/N 8031 (Water Temperature, 140-280 deg. F)

P/N 8032 (Water Temperature, 120-240 deg. F)

2 – 1/16 ” FULL SWEEP ELECTRIC:8070

Full Sweep Electric Gauges are the BEST gauges available and the choice of top racing teams worldwide.

    • Powered by digitally controlled, rugged stepper motor drives & lab grade solid state sensors for extreme precision.
    • The highest accuracy levels of any gauge type combined with the durability and superior resolution of a traditional mechanical gauge and the safer operation of traditional electrics.

P/N 8010 (Fuel Level, Programmable 0-280 ohm Adjustable Scale w/ 7 preset ranges for common vehicle types)

P/N 8044 (EGT/Pyrometer, 0 – 1600 deg. F)

P/N 8053 (Oil Pressure, 0-100 psi)

P/N 8055 (Water Temperature, 100 – 260 deg. F)

P/N 8063 (Fuel Pressure, 0-100 psi)

P/N 8070 (Wideband Air/Fuel Ration Anaolog,8:1-18:1 AFR)

P/N 8091 (Voltmeter, 8-18 Volts)


8014Advanced 90 degree air core movements and simple three wire installation characterize these performance instruments.

Electric sending units keep hazardous fluids in the engine compartment sending collected data via an electrical signal to quick reacting, precise air core movements to give you all the information that you need and nothing that you don’t.

P/N 8014 (Fuel Level, 0-90 ohms)

P/N 8015 (Fuel Level, 73-10 ohms)

P/N 8016 (Fuel Level, 240-33 ohms)

P/N 8027 (Oil Pressure, 0-100 psi)

P/N 8037  (Water Temperature, 100-250 deg. F)

P/N 8048 (Oil Temperature, 140-300 deg. F.)

P/N 8049 (Transmission Temperature, 100-250 deg. F)

P/N 8092 (Voltmeter, 8-18 Volts)


When you’re ready to put the best instrumentation available in your vehicle, don’t settle for slow and inaccurate factory equipment.

Auto Meter’s In Dash Tachs and Speedos,  feature famous high performance movements and are designed with seamless dashboard mount for the ultimate driver information center.

KIT 3 – 3/8″ SPEEDOMETER & 2 – 1/16 GAUGES”


P/N 8002 (5-Piece GT Series Kit (Includes: #8016, #8027, #8037, #8088  & #8092)


3 – 3/8″

P/N 8088 (Speedometer, 0-160 MPH, programmable, Electric)

P/N 8097 (In Dash Tach, 8K/RPM)


P/N 8089 (Speedometer, 0-160 MPH, programmable, Electric )

P/N 8098 ( In Dash Tach, 8K/RPM)

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