You don’t have to settle for a hot and uncomfortable ride – install HushMat today.

HushMat materials are of the highest quality and performance available in the industry. They are:

  • Ultra,
  • Silencer Megabond,
  • Quiet Tape and
  • Ultra H2o

Applications include: all Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Wagons, Heavy Trucks, RVs, Boats, Off Road vehicles, home appliances (washing machines,  dishwashers, dryers, HVAC equipment)

  • Reduces both noise & heat and makes driving or riding in your vehicle quiet and more comfortable.  Whether you are building a street rod, driving a Peterbilt or Malibu boat or restoring a 69 Camaro. It also can make your dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, HVAC system operate quietly so you can watch TV or talk on the phone without having to go to the other side of the house so you can hear.
  • Insulates ALL vehicles for a cool, quiet & comfortable ride. Restorer magazine performed an independent study and found that HushMat reduced the heat transfer after a 4 hour ride/drive by over 40%! It lowered the firewall surface temperature from 175 degrees F to 100 degrees F with only one layer of HushMat Ultra!
  • Ensures Hot Rods are rock solid
  • Reduces firewall/floor heat over 40%
  • Reduces interior noise by over 50%
  • Stops noise and heat from entering your truck and sleeper
  • Help you ride and sleep better in your RV
  • Perfect for stopping rattles and engine noise in Boats
  • Manufactured in USA

Ultra (Damping Pads)- the Installers Choice!ultra

The first step to cool, quiet and comfortable.

Formulated specifically for automotive  applications. Reduces heat caused by engine, exhaust and sunlight. Apply to doors, trunk, floor, roof, firewall and tunnel.  This creates a thermal barrier reducing the heat transfer into your vehicle by over 40%. Proven to perform form -30° to 550° Fahrenheit. Outperforms the closest competitor by over 4X.

  • Easiest product to install, flexible (can be easily molded to un-even surfaces).
  • No preparation or solvent cleaning of the surface is required.
  • Simply peel and stick.
  • Apply HushMat Ultra to every metal, plastic or fiberglass panel surrounding the vehicle interior creates a solid door, firewall, floor, tunnel, roof and trunk.

10501P/N 10150 (Starter Kit Contains (4) 12″ x 12″, Black Foil)
P/N 10151 (Starter Kit Contains (4) 12″ x 12″, Silver Foil)

P/N 10200 (Door Kit Contains (10) 12″ x 12″,  Black Foil)
P/N 10201 (Door Kit Contains (10) 12″ x 12″, Silver Foil)

P/N 10300 (Trunk Kit Contains (10) 12″ x 23″, Black Foil)
P/N 10301 (Trunk Kit Contains (10) 12″ x 23″, Silver Foil)

P/N 10330 (Cargo Kit Contains (16) 12″ x 23″, Black Foil)
P/N 10331 (Cargo Kit Contains (16) 12″ x 23″,  Silver Foil)

P/N 10400 (Floor/Dash Kit Contains (20) 12″ x 23″, Black Foil)
P/N 10401 (Floor/Dash Kit Contains (20) 12″ x 23″,  Silver Foil)

P/N 10500 (Bulk Kit Contains (30) 12″ x 23″ Ultra Damping Pads – Black Foil)
P/N 10501 (Bulk Kit Contains (30) 12″ x 23″ Ultra Damping/Insulating  Pads – Silver Foil)

P/N 10600 (License plate kit Contains (1) 4″ x 12″ Ultra Damping Pad and HushMat License Frame with Silencer Megabond Foam treatment)

P/N 10800 (Super bulk kit contains (9) 18″ X 32″ Ultra damping pads, Silver Foil)
P/N 10900 (Mega sheet bulk kit contains (9) 24″ X 48″ Ultra damping pads, Silver Foil)

P/N 50100 (Hoodliner – (6) 12″ X 23″ sheets heat deflecting hood)

silencer-installedSilencer Megabond

Ultra+Silencer=the Ultimate Ride.

The next step to the ultimate quiet! Apply Silencer right on top
of Ultra.

  • Reduces interior heat and noise by another 30%
  • Light weight solution to noise and heat!
  • Replaces old Jute underpad with current model technology
  • Less than 0.5% water absorption
  • Absorbs exhaust drone, wind noise from entering the interior
  • Rated to Perform up to 300 degrees F
  • Tremendous memory & abrasion resistant!
  • Peel & Stick Install!

P/N 20100 (Contains (2) 23″ X 36″ sheets 1/8″ thick (3mm))
P/N 20200 (Contains (2) 23″ X 36″ sheets 1/4″ thick (8mm))
P/N 20300 (Contains (4) 12″ X 23″ sheets 1/2″ thick (13mm))

Quiet Tapequiet-tape

Developed specifically for use as a key tool when installing electronic components in every performance vehicle.

A single sided flexible and moldable foam tape and can be used as a wrap, bridge or band to secure wire, harnesses and cables. Use to tighten trim panels fit and finish.   There are hundreds of uses for this universal tape. Quiet tape creates a bond to metal, plastic, fiberglass, fabric without bleeding through. Does not dry out like other tapes do and takes less than 1/10th the time to install versus mechanical fasteners.   Does not absorb moisture and can be easily cut with household scissors or utility knife.tape-installed

  • Use to secure wire and harnesses to prevent rattles
  • Less than ½ the install time versus mechanical fasteners
  • Secure loose trim panels to stop vibration
  • Bonds easily to metal, fiberglass, plastic and fabric with no bleed
  • Cut, Peel & Stick!

P/N 30300 (Contains (1) 1″ X 20′ roll)
P/N 80300 (Contains (8) 30300’S in shelf/counter ready POP pack)

Ultra H2Oh2o-in-action

Seals seams!
A self-adhesive, water-base formula with significantly better damping and sealing performance than spray or solvent-based materials. Great for damping difficult to reach to reach areas of the vehicle (inner door skin, rear quarter panel, trunk lids).

  • Water-based formula with more than 95% solids
  • 1/10 gallon caulk tube with ez squeeze nozzle. Apply with standard caulking gun.
  • Provides quick three hour dry time, sandable and paintable
  • Outperforms spray products by over 10X
  • Cleans up with water and a rag – NO OVERSPRAY issues!40100-web
  • One application is all you need!

P/N 40100 (One caulk tube with ez squeeze nozzle)

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