Mother’s Wax Reflection Series


Outstanding shine and durability!

C10016If breathtaking shine and lasting durability are important to you, look no further than Mothers Reflections Advanced Car Wax.

Uses the latest liquid polymer technology to

  • Bond to your paint to shield it from the elements and retain the dramatic shine
  • Contains mild cleaners to remove light contamination from the paint so it is perfectly clean and clear and
  • Can be applied by hand or using an orbital buffer.

To apply by hand, rub into paint in a 2-3 foot area, turning the towel when it becomes soiled. Allow it to dry to a haze and then buff it off.

For orbital application, apply a small amount to a light polishing pad and work in a small area. Buff thoroughly while wet and then allow it to dry to a haze. Buff off the haze to reveal a gorgeous, high-tech shine.

Synthetic fans will love the crisp shine of Reflections Car Wax and anyone can appreciate the ease of application and durability.

P/N C10016 (16 oz)


Top Coat is the quintessential last step in the ultimate detailing process. Use it over Reflections Advanced Car Wax for a high-tech, high gloss shine.

  • It pushes your finish to its glossy limits by further enhancing your wax coat. Applied directly on top of the wax.
  • It deepens the multifaceted shine achieved by a high quality wax.
  • Extra protection in the formula extends the life of your wax so you wax less often and your finish stays in pristine condition.
  • Natural waxes and modern chemistry combine to give your paint the ultimate high-gloss finish.
  • Can be applied over any wax, sealant, or glaze to amplify its effects. It contains no cleaners and will not disturb the wax underneath.
  • Can be applied by hand or with an orbital buffer.

To apply by hand, rub it onto your paint, allow a haze to form, and buff it off as you would with any wax.

To use an orbital buffer, work in small overlapping sections at a low speed. Apply light pressure and buff thoroughly while Top Coat is still wet. Allow it to dry to a haze and then buff it off with a clean, soft towel. Use a microfiber towel for super gentle buffing.

P/N C10116 (16 oz)

C10224Mothers Reflections Advanced Spray – Wax Spray on the shine and protection!
This is not your average quick detailer!
If you waxed your vehicle as often as it appears to need it, you’d be waxing every weekend. In reality, the wax is just hidden under a layer of dust and dirt that your vehicle has accumulated since your last waxing.

  • Quickly refresh your wax and add another layer of protection to your paint. Not just a cleaner that uncovers your last wax.
  • It wipes away dust and light contamination, but it also boosts existing wax and provides additional protection.
  • Use it around doors and on the hood to remove fingerprints and smudges and to touch up dull areas. Many quick shine sprays simply wet the paint so you can wipe away dust. They may contain some gloss agents, but nothing that is designed to really stick to your paint
  • It works as a stand-alone wax if you’re in a hurry. Spray it on your paint while your vehicle is still wet to amplify the shine and give your clear coat another layer of much-needed protection. Just spray the wax onto a cool or wet surface and allow it to dry to a haze. Wipe it off with a soft microfiber towel or terry towel.
  • Used regularly, it will prolong the life of your wax and keep your vehicle looking just-waxed weeks longer.

P/N C10224 (24 oz spray bottle)

c10324Give your tires a satin, natural glow of new rubber, show car tire finish, not an oily coating, for weeks!
The rich, satin glow of new rubber is what the professionals and collectors strive for and you can achieve that look on your own vehicle with Mothers Reflections Advanced Tire Care.

This tire treatment was designed especially for the concours.

  • Hydrates your tires to create a deep, dark sheen that is never shiny, greasy, or slick. It makes your tires look new, not over-dressed.
  • Rejuvenates older tires so they resist drying, fading, and wear. New tires are maintained with regular use.
  • Lasts for weeks! It doesn’t sling off or evaporate within a few days. Your tires will keep their show-car perfect glow for long-lasting protection against the elements.

Spray Tire Care directly onto the tire or onto an applicator to prevent overspray. Spread product uniformly over the tire and allow to penetrate for 4 to 6 minutes. Wipe off excess product.

P/N C10224 (24 fl. oz.)

c10424Mothers Reflections Advanced Leather Care is an all-in-one spray cleaner and conditioner that cuts your leather care regimen in half without sacrificing results!

  • PH balanced cleaner that safely lifts dirt and oil out of leather without drying it out like alkaline cleaners can. Hydrated leather withstands regular wear better than dry leather because it literally bounces back from your touch. It’s more resilient. With regular use your leather will remain soft, supple, and clean. Neatsfoot oil and lanolin nourish your leather and replace essential moisture lost through day to day exposure to the sun.
  • Priced for the cost-conscious consumer who wants the same impressive results as   more expensive leather care products
  • More convenient – combines the two steps (Cleaning and conditioning) of the leather care process into one bottle. Great for both busy people to take care of their leather without spending an afternoon or a fortune – on separate products.

P/N C10424


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