Melling – Leading Manufacturer of Aftermarket Oil Pumps and Related Products Servicing Engine Rebuilders, WD’s, jobbers, and Auto Parts Retailers.

Melling’s aftermarket division is noted for excellent catalog accuracy, new products, & International  distribution. They offer:

  • A full line of high performance camshafts graded from class I to class IV for domestic applications, camshaft bearings
  • Timing components
  • Valve train, valve seats, valve shims
  • Cylinder sleeves
  • Expansion plugs
  • Engine hardware, and Engine Building Tools


OEM quality, economical price!
Melling Automotive Products is the largest manufacturer of new replacement oil pumps. They  pioneered the design and manufacture of high volume oil pumps.
Don’t waste time installing an old worn-out oil pump when you can get one of these brand new Melling oil pumps at such a low cost.

Following is a sampling of the many oil pumps Melling offers.

These pumps are:

  • Manufactured from high quality steel with all new components.
  • Individually hand turned and pressure-tested, including idle and bypass pressure, to guarantee they’ll perform superior to O.E.  before leaving the factory.
  • Push  20 –  25% more volume of oil than stock pumps.
  • Not recommended for use on high performance or off road vehicles.

P/N M-55HV (SBC, uses 5/8” press in screen)
P/N M-155HV (SBC, uses 3/4” press in screen)
P/N M-77HV (BBC)

P/N M-68HV (SB Ford)
P/N M-83HV (SB Windsor Ford, 351W)
P/N M-57HV (BB FE Ford, 332-428)

P/N M-72HV (SB Mopar, 3.9L V6)

P/N M-63HV (BB, B/RB Chrysler)


Cast Iron & Aluminum Performance Oil Pumps

SB Chevy GEN I:
P/N 10550 (57-03, High volume,  performance upgrade from #M-55HV, 25% increase in volume over stock oil pump, cast iron, uses 5/8” press in screen.)
P/N 10552 (57-02, High volume, 10% increase in volume over stock oil pump, cast iron, 3/4” bolt on or press in screen)
P/N 10555 (57-02, High volume, performance upgrade for the #10550, 25% increase in volume over stock oil pump, cast iron, uses both 3/4” bolt on or press in screen.)

BB Chevy:
P/N 10770 (65-97, Mark IV, GEN V & VI, high volume, 25% increase in volume over stock pump, cast iron)
P/N 10778 (65-97, Mark IV, GEN V, High volume, 25% increase in volume over stock pump,
cast iron)

Ford – 4.6L:
P/N 10227 (96-04, standard volume when used w/4.6 DOHC 4-valve Cobra Mustang;
High volume when used w/4.6-X SOHC 2-valve Mustang, 8% high volume; Cast aluminum w/phosphate coated cover).

SB Ford:
P/N 10688 (62-01, High volume upgrade for #M-68, 25% increased volume over stock pump, cast iron)
P/N 10833 (69-97, High volume upgrade for #M-83, 25% increased volume over #10832, cast iron.)

LS Series (Chev, Pont):
LS3 6.2L & Chevy GEN III, IV 4.8/5.3/5.7/ 6.0L:
P/N 10295 (97-09, standard volume, 10 psi increase over #M295, cast alum. w/cast iron cover)
P/N 10296 (97-09, high volume, 18% increase over #10295,cast alum. w/cast iron cover)

LS4 5.3L, L92 Vortech 6.2L & Gen IV:
P/N 10355 (97-08, stock volume performance upgrade for #M355; Standard volume for LS4 5.3L & L92 6.2L engines; High volume , 33% increase in volume over the #10295, Cast aluminum housing w/cast iron cover)


PRO-Line pushrods give you the reliability that you need from your valvetrain. They are manufactured from high-quality carbon steel, are hardened for use with guideplates, and exceed OEM specifications. Melling Performance PRO-Line pushrods also feature close-tolerance wall thickness and a centerless ground to make sure that they are a matched set. Choose Melling Performance PRO-Line pushrods to keep your valvetrain operating efficiently.

P/N 500314 (5/16″ diameter, 7.800″ length, ball ends, hardened, set of 4)

Many more application-specific push rods  part numbers.


Guide your high-lift engine to high performance with Melling pushrod guideplates.

Stamped from heat-treated steel to reduce flex and rocker arm side movement, these pushrod guideplates are a must for your big performance engine. The rods are given a black oxide coating to prevent rust and offer many service hours. Keep your rods in line with Melling Select Performance pushrod guideplates.

Following are some SBC applications.

Must be used with screwed-in rocker arm studs.

P/N MGP1004 (Flat, 5/16″ thick)
P/N MGP1014 (Flat, 3/8″ thick)
P/N MGP1024 (Raised, 3/8″ thick)
P/N MGP1034 (Raised, 5/16″ thick)


Chrome Moly Steel for improved shaft strength

Oil Pump Intermediate shafts.
GM, Ford and Chrysler applications.


Melling group classifies their custom/high performance camshafts.

CLASS I (200° – 215°)
Good idle quality. Low RPM torque and mid range performance. Will work with stock or slightly modified engine. Manual or auto transmission. Possibly lower vacuum than stock.

CLASS II (215° – 230°)
Fair idle quality. Good low to mid range torque and horsepower. Will work with stock or modified engine. Manual or auto transmission. Possibly lower vacuum than stock.

CLASS III (230° – 245°)
Rough idle quality. Good mid to high RPM torque and horsepower. For use with manual or high stall auto transmission. May need improved carb, exhaust and ignition systems. Comination street and d rag. Will have lower vacuum than stock.

Rough idle quality. Mid to high RPM torque and horsepower. For serious racing. Need proper selection of rear axle ratio and improvements in carburation and exhaust systems. For use with manual transmission or automatic with a very high stall converter. Will not have enough vacuum for power accessories.


LIFTERSM Select 2011 catalog first d...

Always install new lifters (followers) with a new camshaft.

Installing used lifters with a new camshaft can cause premature failure of both the camshaft and the lifters.

P/N SB817RF16 (SBC 1985 & older)
P/N SB079RF16 (SBC 1986 & newer)
P/N BB817RF16 (BBC 1987 & older)
P/N BB969RF16 (BBC 1988 & newer)
P/N F1900RF16 (Windsor/Cleveland 351-400 & 302)


Street/ Strip, Claimer & Racing up to 6,500 RPM.

  • All gears are 8620 carburized steel
  • Includes roller cam button, lock plate, and bolts
  • Timing adjusted with optional 5 color coded dowel pin hole inserts
  • Available in noisy and quiet versions


3-PC  SPEED SETM Select 2011 catalog first d...

Street/ Strip, Circle Track, Claimer & Hot Rod

  • Large .250 diameter seamless double roller chain
  • Billet steel cam sprocket
  • 3 keyway crank sprocket w/+4°/-4° cam adjustment
  • Press fit roller thrust bearing and bronze washer options
  • 9 keyway steel crank sprocket options, heat treated w/black oxide coating



Items include :

Engine Priming Tools to prevent galling problems by circulating oil through critical areas of  a new engine before engine start-up.

P/N PT10 (SB/BB Chrysler)
P/N PT11 (Fords with 1/4″ hex  shaft)
P/N PT12 (Fords with 5/8″ hex shaft)
P/N PT13 (SB/BB Chev)



Screen Installation Tools for installing press-in type oil pump screen assemblies. A metal displacement press fit that only works once.
P/N MCAT-62 (for 5/8″ diameter tubs)
P/N MCAT-75 (for 3/4″ diameter tubes)



Pre-Lube Engine Oiler to eliminate dry starts after engine rebuilds, initial wear on engine components  and can be used on all internal combusion engines.

P/N MPL-101



mell-lubeMell-Lube Engine Assembly Lube to prevent scoring or galling during engine start-up. It has 1,400 PPM zinc for better protection and contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust and pitting to new engines.
Note: It is not for use on cylinder walls or piston rings.
P/N M-10012 (4 oz.)
P/N M-10012G (1 gal.)


Click here to read more about Melling High Performance Oil Pumps and products.

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