If you are not ready for the time and hassle needed for a complete multi-point engine management system installation but want the control and adjustability of a modern electronic fuel injection system from a carburetor then you should install an Edelbrock E-Street EFI system. We are talking about an easy to install, affordable universal throttle body electronic fuel injection. Get more fuel economy and performance potential with an electronic fuel injection.

E-Street EFI offers you the most value for your dollar along with out-of-the-box performance from a name you can trust… Edelbrock!

Edelbrock E-Street EFI is an all new universal throttle body style fuel injection system. Ideal for any V8 engine originally equipped with a carburetor and intake manifold with a square-bore 4150 style flange.


  • Ready to run right out of the box with a pre-loaded tune in the ECU to get you up and running
  • Easy to use software pre-installed on the supplied 7″ touch screen tablet. Make adjustments and monitor system performance without the need of a laptop PC.
    – Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity between the ECU and the tablet
    – Create, modify and save unlimited tunes
    – Capable of controlling electric radiator fan and A/C relays
    – Includes pre-programmed dashboards for monitoring system performance
    – Full feature software is simple to use for novice users, but also capable of complete control of all parameters for experienced EFI tuners. Installation instructions are included on the tablet.
  • System will automatically adjust for future engine upgrades
  • Wide Band Included –  Offers highly accurate monitoring in the 10 – 20 AFR range
  • Dynamic Fuel Control –  No tuning experience required and system provides self-mapping fuel curve to correct and dial in your tune
  • Fully assembled and pressure tested throttle body with injectors, fuel rails, linkage and sensors that readily accepts round air cleaners for a traditional look
  • Progressive throttle linkage for great drivability and increased mileage potential
  • Includes a fully assembled OEM quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors for an easy installation
  • Industry leading dedicated support staff to assist and answer any questions

E-Street Universal EFI System:

P/N 3600 (base system only without fuel supply system)

P/N 3602 (base system P/N 3600 with Return-Style Fuel Kit P/N 3604)

P/N 3606 (base system P/N 3600 with Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit P/N 3605)

Selecting the right fuel delivery system is critical to the performance of any EFI application. To help you select the ideal system for your vehicle and engine combination, simply review the chart below to ensure a hassle free installation and the best performance for your vehicle.

Part # Who should use this system? Features & Benefits Limitations
P/N 3602
Includes: E-Street Base System #3600 and Return-Style Fuel Kit #3604
Any vehicle that is capable of mounting a fuel pump in a location lower than the fuel tank. Must have a gravity fed path from the fuel tank to the fuel pump. Performs well in all weather conditions. Supports up to 600 HP
Fuel pressure can be adjusted for optimum performance
Higher horsepower capacity than returnless system
Includes a return line to eliminate the potential for fuel vapor lock
Will not work for 600+ HP engines
Unbaffled tanks may exhibit fuel starvation, due to sloshing at low fuel levels
Requires a return fitting to be installed in the fuel tank
P/N 3606
Includes: E-Street Base System #3600 and Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit #3605
Any vehicle with an existing low pressure fuel system. Any user desiring any easy installation that delivers reliable fuel pressure performance and no potential for starvation at low fuel levels. Performs well in all weather conditions. Supports up to 600 HP
Easy to install
No need to run new fuel lines under vehicle
No issue with fuel starvation, due to sloshing
No fuel tank modifications required
Maintains pressure at low fuel levels
Will not work for 600+ HP engines
Requires an existing mechanical or electric, low pressure pump in vehicle
Requires sufficient space to mount the sump in engine compartment
Fuel Sump dimensions: 13″ H x 7.75″ W x 5″ D

Installation Notes: These systems  require a high pressure EFI compatible fuel delivery system. Three fuel delivery kits are available and sold separately, see below for selecting the right kit for your installation.

Fuel System Kits:fuel-kits

P/N 3604 (Return-Style Fuel Kit for E-Street or Equivalent EFI System)

This kit includes everything needed to upgrade a carbureted fuel system to a high pressure EFI system, excluding the fuel tank. Return-style,  completes the fuel system loop by returning unused fuel to the tank. Includes a 57 GPH (215 liter/hr) fuel pump, adjustable regulator, filter, Russell Twist-Lok hose, hose ends, mounting brackets and hardware. A baffled fuel tank is recommend to prevent fuel starvation. This system is rated for engines up to 600 HP, when used with an E-Street EFI system.

Sump Fuel Kit:
These Universal Sump Fuel Kit are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with low pressure carbureted fuel systems. They are a complete self-contained system that can be installed under the hood of any vehicle easily. The unique design of this system allows it to deliver a constant fuel pressure of 49 psi or 60 psi, which is necessary to operate an EFI system and will not require a fuel return line. Intended to be used with the existing factory fuel tank and low pressure pump. The kit includes the fuel Sump tank with high pressure pump and regulator pre-installed, wiring harness, mounting bracket, hose, fittings and all of the necessary hardware for installation.

P/N 3605 (Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit (60 psi)

P/N 3606 (Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kit (49 psi)

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