B&M Cool Tek Products


Add life to your transmission with a B&M Deep Pan!

B & M new line of Cool Tek products are cast aluminum deep transmission pans and differential covers which help keep your vehicle running efficiency and with better performance.

Both the Cool Tek transmission pans and differential cover features:

  • Finned for better air flow
  • Cast aluminum construction to helps dissipates the heat even more.

These deep Cool Tek Transmission Pans hold more fluid to cool your transmission. Adds two quarts.  Extra fluid means more cooling, and more cooling means better efficiency and performance.   No modifications to dipstick needed.  Pans feature built-in drain plugs & mounting hardware.








Ford Applicatons:
P/N 50281 (C-4, adds 2 qts.)
P/N 40281 (C-6 also fits trucks, adds 2 qts.)
P/N 40291 (AOD, AODE & 4R70W, adds 3 qts)

GM Applications:
P/N 20280 (All TH400 (will not fit Jeep CJ7), adds 2 qt.)
P/N 30280 ( All TH350 & TH250, adds 3 qt.)
P/N 70260 (4L60E, 4L60 & TH-700R4, includes Corvettes, adds)
P/N 70280 (Powerglide, adds 2 qt.)
P/N 70295 (4L80E, adds 3 qt.)
P/N 70391 (Camaro SS, 6L80 Auto Trans, adds 1.8 US qts.)

Chrysler Applications:
P/N 10280 (Chrysler – TF-A-727, 518, 618, 44RH, 46RE, 46RH, 47RE & 48RE, adds up to 4 qt.)

The Cool 40297-webTek Differential Covers not only look great but they help strength your differential as well as cool your differential. Made from tough aluminum alloy, cast and machined they feature heavy duty structural cooling fins, a thick ¾” lip for positive sealing and built-in bearing cap bolts for extra support. Extra fluid capacity for superior cooling with high strength, while a magnetic drain plug aids in inspecting and servicing your differential to help ensure long component life. Ideal for all performance applications –  from daily commuters to all-out race vehicles.

P/N 40297 (8.8″ Mustang and Ford Applications )






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