Remflex Gasket Products


 Seals Warped Flanges  – Good to 3000°F

No Re-Torquing Required!

Bringing  technology to enthusiasts of all kinds (whether you have an old pick-up that needs a manifold gasket, or a race car with custom-built headers) to eliminate exhaust leaks for good!

Constant thermal cycling, especially in high performance and/or high-load environments, causes warping of header flanges and cast iron exhaust manifolds–even the exhaust flange of the cylinder head itself.Once the sealing surface is warped, leaks are imminent—and once there is a leak, pitting of the exhaust port sealing surface usually follows.

Remflex exhaust gaskets will work properly the first time, every time.  They work because they solve the two main problems associated with sealing an exhaust flange: warping, and gasket failure.

Seals Warped Flanges:rem-pix
Remflex exhaust gaskets come in a standard 1/8″ thickness and are designed to crush 50% allowing them to fill gaps in the flange surface up to 1/16″!

Won’t Burn Out:
The number one cause of exhaust gasket failure is heat—the very thing exhaust gaskets are supposed to withstand. Traditional exhaust gaskets are made of composite materials (blends of natural fibers and synthetic compounds that are bound together using rubber). It’s only a matter of time until the extreme temperature in the vehicle’s exhaust system burns the gasket’s composite materials away, resulting in an exhaust leak.  And once the rubber overheats, it begins to shrink, as well has harden. That’s why you are instructed to re-torque the gaskets regularly, and why an exhaust leak will develop if you don’t.

Remflex exhaust gaskets are made from 100% flexible graphite and can withstand up to 3,000° F—far exceeding that of any vehicle’s exhaust system temperature!

No Re-Torquing Necessary:
Rebound 30%, creating an optimum seal that eliminates the need to re-torque! Unlike traditional gaskets, they won’t shrink, so they never require re-torquing.


  • Manifold/Header Gaskets
  • Collector/Flange Gaskets
  • Turbo Gaskets and
  • Remflex Material for you to customize

are available  for your application.

Find your application’s gasket part number.  Click here to visit Remflex website.

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