Superchips IHawk & SCR

AccuPerformance System


Turn your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch into a complete data-logging gauge package for your vehicle!

The new Superchips iHawk is a very compact WIRELESS BLUETOOTH intelligent combination of technology and portability capable of turning any iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch into a complete data-logging gauge package for your vehicle.

iHawk uses iMiken™ PATENT-PENDING AccuPerformance system to acquire vehicle data, weather data, and performance data and integrates them all to provide accurate results.

Measure your ride, just like the pros! Capture Data Like a pit crew! It’s like having a Virtual Test Track at your fingertips: portable dyno, digital gauge kit, trouble code scanner, data logging, and 1/4 mile drag strip for your vehicle neatly controlled and packaged within your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.  Interface with add-on devices!

iHawk consists of a small Bluetooth “LINQ” module and an Apple® iPhone® “App” (application) downloaded from the Apple® iTunes® App Store.  The LINQ plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash.  Installation takes seconds and requires no tools!

P/N 379505


Additional Features

  • USE IN CONJUNCTION WITH OTHER BLUETOOTH DEVICES ( I.E. OnStar, hands free calling, over the air music syncing, etc).
  • If you have 3G/Edge/Wi-Fi coverage on your Apple device, iHawk will give you current atmospheric conditions, calculate density altitude, air density, and performance corrections in real time!
  • Share your results via email and Facebook

No more trips to the dealer to reset that “check engine” light!

  • Read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and RESET THEM!
  • Let iHawk read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), diagnose the code, and allow you to fix the problem yourself!
  • Use the STEP-BY-STEP “wizard” to do GM bi-directional diagnostics procedures such as Crank Angle Sensor (CASE) Relearns when swapping ECU modules.
  • Easily flick through multiple dashboards, gauge screens, and other diagnostic choices
  • Measure vehicle acceleration (requires web connection)
  • Gauges display hundreds of vehicle parameters
  • Set automatic alerts
  • Data log any parameter
  • View in analog or digital gauge style
  • Calculate 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile times
  • Customizable gauges can be set to any parameter, in any parameter, in any combination
  • Real time Dashboard and One Touch data logging records what you see

Compatible on vehicles 2007 and up, and many Canadian based vehicles prior to 2007.

Download the custom “Superchips iHawk” app through Apples app store today! Click here to view/download app!

SCR Redline In-Cabin Tuner


P/N 8040

Designed specifically with the sport compact and muscle car enthusiast in mind!

SCR provides the HP and torque you crave combined with hundreds of combinations of data points to monitor, performance tests, and the ability to read and clear trouble codes.

Comes fully loaded with the highest HP tunes available on the market for the 2013 Ford Focus ST as well as Superchips’ superb catalog of performance driven tunes for 2005-13 Mustangs. Superchips continues to add more year/make/ models for various auto manufacturers to the SCR platform.


  • View gauges in digital or analog format
  • Multiple tuning and power levels for greater increases in HP, torque & drivability
  • User-adjustable speed and rev limiter features
  • Speedometer recalibration for aftermarket wheels and tires
  • Global timing improvements
  • Selectable cooling fan temps
  • WOT fuel table improvements for better air/fuel ratio alignment
  • Monitor & record driving & vehicle performance with data logging
  • Real-time vehicle sensor display (100’s of SAE and advance PID combos to monitor)
  • Improved automatic trans shift points and firmness by throttle pos or MPH
  • Includes MyStyle software allowing you to fully customize your background screens
  • Add additional sensors with Superchips EAS (Expandable Accessory System). No splicing wires, just plug-in and go!
  • Works with aftermarket hi-flow cats, 2005-09 Mustang and popular cat back exhaust systems
  • Custom cold air intake tunes available (2005-10 Mustang) Performance tests (0-60, ¼ mile, and more)
  • Includes High Quality Arkon windshield mount

Results and feature set may vary based on vehicle make, model, and aftermarket upgrades.

Click here for more information on Superchips SCR.

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