Painless New Classic Braid Wire Covering


 Looking for that cloth appearance in a flat black covering look for the final touch to your Street Rod or Muscle Car to give it an original vintage look?

Classic Braid is what you are looking for! Tighter weave than Powerbraid.

Classic Braid is a new version of Painless Power Braid. Unlike traditional convoluted tubing, PowerBraid and Classic Braid do not have that hard plastic look.  Like its brother PowerBraid, Classic Braid is just an amazing material.

Power braid looks like braided hose and it really dresses up an engine compartment while Classic Braid offers that more of an old school look, more cloth like look. The soft, almost cloth-like material has a lateral split along its length that easily closes in around the wire bundle without the need for additional tape or wire ties. The comparison pictures below shows the subtle differences in appearance of the two products. The original Power Braid is on the top and the NEW CLASSIC BRAID is on the bottom.


    • Nostalgic woven look from high-tech materials
    • Lateral split for easy installation
    • Resists abrasions & cuts
    • No fasteners or zip ties required
    • Retains shape up to 250° (melts at 400°)

P/N 70950 (3/16″ Classic Braid (20 ft.)

P/N 70951 (5/16″ Classic Braid (20 ft.)

P/N 70952 (3/8″ Classic Braid (20 ft.)

P/N 70953 (1/2″ Classic Braid (20 ft.)

P/N 70954 (3/4″ Classic Braid (20 ft.)

P/N 70955 (1″ Classic Braid (10 ft.)

P/N 70970 (Classic Braid Chassis Kit)

P/N 70971 (Classic Braid EFI Kit)

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