Auburn Gear limited-slip differential are engineered to provide smooth torque-sensing operation with bias ratios to meet your performance needs no matter what your application (performance or passenger cars, light duty trucks, vans, sport utility vehicles, off road, or recreational vehicles).

All are also compatible with all ABS and electronic controls.

Auburn Diff Exploded


Compared to any other limited slip brand, Auburn’s  unique cone style differential provides more bias torque.


Auburn Gear offers:

  • A  full range of Limited-Slip Differentials which provide optimum vehicle performance, including:
    • Hi Performance Limited-Slip Differentials – Street, track or muddy trails
    • Pro Series Limited-Slip Differentials – For higher bias torque than Auburn’s High-Performance models, with lightening-fast reaction to changing conditions for the very best in controlled power transfer.
  • Ected-MaxECTED Max Auburn-Locker is the only aftermarket locker that delivers on-the-go system engage.  It is a selectable limited slip to a full locking differential with an on/off switch  mounted near the driver so it offers both the traction control of a limited-slip differential and the capability of a truce locker. Other aftermarket differentials must be operated in either the “open” differential mode or the “locked” mode.  Note: The ECTED Max is not recommended for use in front axles that feature an “Inter-Axle Disconnect” and Auburn Gear highly recommends upgrading to a stronger ring and pinions and axles when prior to installing an Ected Max on your vehicle.
  • Racer’s differentials (ordered directly from the factory)
  • A Complete Listing of Service Kits.


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