Easy to use throttle body fuel injection conversion kit designed for the weekend warrior!

Out of the box performance with these all new universal throttle body style fuel injection systems.  Installation can be completed in just a few hours followed by a quick and easy set-up. Use  the included wireless touch screen tablet with  software already installed to fine tune, make adjustments and monitor system performance without the need of a laptop.  Fuel economy and performance potential of electronic fuel injection with a touch of a screen!

Ideal for any V8 engine originally equipped with a carburetor and intake manifold with a square-bore 4150 style flange.

There are several kits to choose from.

Complete Kits

P/N 3601 ( Base system with a returnless-style fuel kit)

P/N 3602 (Base system return-style fuel kit)

P/N 3606 (Base system with 60psi EFI fuel sump kit)

Base System

P/N 3600 (Base system only (for vehicles w/ existing EFI compatible fuel system)

Fuel System Kits

P/N 3603 (Returnless-Style for E-Street EFI System Only)

P/N 3604 (Return-Style for E-Street or Equivalent EFI kits)

P/N 3605 (Universal Fuel Reservoir Kit, 60 psi)

P/N 3607 ( Universal Fuel Reservoir Kit, 49 psi)

Not sure which kits for you? Click here, to browse Edelbrock’s Application Guide.




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