Quick Fuel Technology


Innovators in Fuel Systems!

Quick Fuel Technology offers a comprehensive line of carburetors, carburetor accessories, as well as service parts. They continue to develop new products to  stay on the forefront of fuel systems innovation.

Carburetor Series


Black Diamond: The new BLACK DIAMOND™ Series carburetors offer unequaled protection and appearance. High temperature coating technology for select performance and street carburetors. Available in Q & SS series.




P: Circle Track dedicated carburetor


Q: Most comprehensive line of carburetors, and is a popular choice due to its blend of performance and driveability. Available for use with gasoline, methanol, or E85 ethanol fuels. All Q-Series carburetors feature dedicated floats for the specific application; Circle track carburetors have wedge floats, and drag race carburetors have notched floats and secondary jet extensions. Available in both mechanical and vacuum secondary models.

QFX: Ultimate drag race carburetors, incorporates significant race engineered main body upgrades. Each carburetor is individually hand-assembled and engine tested.



RaceQ: Dedicated and designed for the hardcore drag racer,  ultimate small flange drag race carburetor packed with features to take your package to the next level.



Slayer: All aluminum construction and hand-built quality. Affordable 600 and 750cfm vacuum secondary street carburetor. The unique design utilizes a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, eliminating the costly secondary metering block unneeded for most street applications.

SS  (Super Street): Street strip applications. Caters to the enthusiast who wants the best carburetor for the money while refusing to compromise street manners. Available with mechanical or secondary vacuum.
hrHR (Hot Rod): Designed for the street enthusiast. Made from light-weight aluminum castings and packed full of features. These carburetors are sure to make your rod, muscle car, or street machine run its’ best!  The HR Series is the most affordable and tuneable carburetor on the market today.

Click here to browse their catalogue. You will be amazed at the application-specific options available to you.


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