Holley Accessory Drive Kits For GM LS Engines w/ Sanden A/C Compressors


Simple, clean, cost effective accessory drive solution when swapping a LS motor into a muscle car, truck, hot rod or other vehicle.

These brackets look truly at home on any LS engine  – as if they came from the factory this way.

Key Features:

  • Universal brackets fit virtually all common LS engines regardless of water pump and harmonic balancer offsets reducing cost and complexity compared to competitive products.
  • Utilizes commonly available and affordable GM alternators, power steering pumps and A/C compressors.
  • A/C bracket accepts both SD508 and SD7  Sanden style compressors . A/C brackets position the compressor high above the cross-member but below the hood line for easy installation and great looks.  Also a bolt on solution to relocate A/C compressor on engines using a GM Corvette accessory drive system. Will not work with OE A/C compressors.
  • OEM quality natural finish die castings for clean looks and durability. Can be polished, coated, painted or plated.
  • OEM spec flanged head hardware included to match your factory LS engine hardware.

Although the required brackets and hardware needed for installation are supplied, you can choose the source for supplemental accessories and components (often already on the donor engine or the vehicle the engine is going into). You pick the source that matches your expectations and budget!

P/N 20-132 (LS Accessory Drive Bracket Kit)
Works with SD508 and SD7 Sanden A/C compressors. Requires application specific installation kit.

P/N 20-134 (LS A/C Bracket Kit-Passenger Side)
Works with SD508 and SD7 Sanden A/C compressor and stock driver’s side brackets. Requires application specific installation kit.

Installation Kits:

P/N 21-1 (LS Accessory  Drive Brackets, use w/STANDARD belt alignment – common on Corvette, CTS-V, & G8)

P/N 21-2 (LS Accessory Drive Brackets, use w/MIDDLE belt alignment – common on F-body & GTO)

P/N 21-3 (LS Accessory Drive Brackets, use w/LONG belt alignment – common on Trucks & ’10-Up Camaro)

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