Royal Purple Max Clean Fuel System Cleaner & Stabilizer


Coming Soon! New – State-Of The-Art High Performance

Synthetic Fuel System Cleaner

Max-Clean is:

  • EPA/ CARB Compliant
  • Safe for use in gasoline and diesel engines and can be used with all ethanol blends or biofuel and
  • Can be used in both 4-cycle & 2-cycle engines and will not harm vehicle emissions equipment.

Fleet tests on various makes and models of vehicles indicated that after as little as one treatment Max-Clean can:

  • Improve fuel economy
  • Increase horsepower • Reduce hydrocarbon, NOx and CO emissions
  • Prevent rough idle, hesitation and stalling
  • Prevent premature spark plug fouling
  • Reduce deposit-related engine knocking and pinging

It deeply penetrates and cleans injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers.

Recommended Treat Rate:

Pour  into a nearly empty tank and refuel.

  •  One (1) can treats 15 to 20 gallons. For tank sizes outside of this range, use one (1) ounce per gallon.
  • In two-cycle engines, use one (1) ounce per two (2) gallons.

P/N 11722  ( 20 fl. oz. can)

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