Holley New Ultra Dominator Carburetor w/Gen 3 Main Body


Don’t trust your performance to just anyone!

Holley is the only Modular carburetor company that has been in business for over 100 years and has powered every NASCAR champion since the 60’s.

Holley Dominator® carburetors designed specifically for making Top End Horsepower and Torque in High End Racing Engines; the new Ultra Dominators keep that same mentality alive with even more features!

These are “Race Ready Out of the Box” four-barrel race carburetors. Model 4500™ with mechanical secondary.

  • Ultra Light & Cool all aluminum construction, hard core gray or shiny aluminum with black or red anodized billet aluminum metering blocks
  • With GEN 3 main–body – 5/16” taller than the previous generation! This new height allowed for larger radius air entries  optimized using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to deliver smoother flow into new fully machined, big bore venturii.
  • ULTRA Strong billet metering blocks and booster inserts
  • ULTRA Powerful high signal billet booster inserts, slabbed throttle shafts, and fully machined venturii and skirt
  • ULTRA Smooth with fully adjustable external linkage
  • ULTRA Adjustable emulsion, idle feed and power valve restrictions in the metering blocks for infinite tunability
  • ULTRA Easy –  built in dual sight window for simple float adjustments
    ULTRA fast with brand new race winning fuel calibrations optimized for today’s larger engines and new fuels
  • Sizes up to 1475 CFM

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Hard Core
Shiny Alum. w/Red Billet Shiny Alum.
w/Blk Billet
CFM # of Metering Circuits Carb
Venturii Throttle
 0-80901HB  0-80901RD  0-80901BK  950 2 1X4-2X4 1.690” 2.00” skirted
 0-80902HB  0-80902RD  0-80902BK 1050 2 1X4-2X4 1.690” 2.00”
 0-80903HB  0-80903RD  0-80903BK 1050 3 1X4 1.690” 2.00”
 0-80904HB  0-80904RD  0-80904BK 1050 3 2X4 1.690” 2.00”
 0-80905HB  0-80905RD  0-80905BK 1150 2 1X4 1.830” 2.00”
 0-80906HB  0-80906RD  0-80906BK 1150 3 1X4 1.830” 2.00”
 0-80907HB  0-80907RD  0-80907BK 1150 3 2X4 1.830” 2.00”
 0-80908HB  0-80908RD  0-80908BK 1250 3 1X4 1.880” 2.125”
 0-80909HB  0-80909RD  0-80909BK 1350 3 1X4 2.020” 2.350” modified skirt
 0-80910HB  0-80910RD  0-80910BK 1475 3 1X4 2.100” 2.350” modified skirt

Gen 3 Ultra Dominator Accessories:



P/N 534-214 (TPS kit)





P/N 17-84 (Air Scoop adapter, Clear)17-84,17-85
P/N 17-85 (Air Scoop adapter, Blk. anodized)

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