What is Atomic LS?

  • Wiredless EFI
  • Semi 2013 Show  New Product Winner
  • An example of how MSD is driving innovation and developing revolutionary technology to shape the future of electronics and fuel performance

The popular GM LS-based engine is lightweight,  compact, and powerful. However, some paused to consider an  LS engine swap because of the intimidating electronics and complicated PC programming.

The massive factory ECU with ls-wire-messits wires can be overbearing and nest of wires created with the huge looms snaked through the engine compartment was a hassle to mount.atomic-installed


MSD solution to this wiring aggravation is Atomic LS!

This all new next generation of Atomic LS – the Atomic EFI broke new ground in electronic fuel injection. It  incorporates the electronics into the fuel rails of the system! No bulky ECU to mount, no wires to route to and from. It’s all on the engine, hidden in plain sight.

This innovative design and advanced technology drastically reduces the wiring of an LS fuel injection system. No more  guiding a massive loom of wires from the ECU to the injectors, coil packs and associated engine sensors.

This system basically requires only a short length of wires that run from the fuel rail assembly to each specific sensor (all with factory connectors in place) integrating the fuel rails with the engine management computer itself. Yes, you will need to install an O2 sensor, mount a control/power box, hook the system up to 12 volts, plumb and wire a fuel pump, and connect a half dozen or so sensors to the small harnesses sprouting from both fuel rails and there’s the easy fuel crossover that needs to be plumbed but it saves you time and aggravation from old wiring and improves the overall cleanliness of the engine compartment. It also cools the electronics with the computer co-located with the fuel rails.

The LS Atomic EFI supports both single or dual throttle bodies and compatible with returnless fuel line. Automatically recognized 24 or 58 crank trigger wheels. No laptop is required.

This is not some basic entry-level system. It has  very powerful tools that allow ignition retard for nitrous, fuel enrichment for boost, A/F ratio targeting, idle rpm targeting, and rev limiting.   Check out our “Parts Pro Video of the Week” on near the top of our  home page.

For LS1/LS6 and LS truck engines, you will need a master kit and an installation kit to match your engine.

There are two accessory ‘Installation Kits’ that provide the correct injector connectors for an LS1/LS6 when used with the P/N 2950 (LS2/3 Master Kit).

P/N 2960 (Atomic LS EFI Master Kit LS7)
P/N 2950 (Atomic LS EFI Master Kit LS2/LS3)

P/N 2956 (Install kit LS trucks)
P/N 2955 (Install Kit LS1/LS6)

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