It is frustrating, expensive and time consuming when your spark plug wires burn through and arc.

The Protect-a-Series was designed to prevent this from happening and offers complete heat protection for your spark plug wires in colorful style. Continued exposure to extreme heat generated from the engine block, exhaust manifold and headers can cause burn through, hardening or cracking of the spark plug wires and boots.


Fits more straight or angled boots.
Made from a high temperature resistant glass fiber material and treated with a proprietary coating, these boots products provide spark plug boot and wire protection from extreme under hood heat.

Choose the type of boot you require.

2 Cylinder:                                           8 Cylinder:
P/N 010501 (Silver 6″)                            P/N 010502 (Silver 6″)
P/N 010511 (Black 6″)                            P/N 010512 (Black 6″)
P/N 010521 (Red 6″)                              P/N 010522 (Red 6″)
P/N 010531 (Blue 6″)                             P/N 010532 (Blue 6″)
P/N 010503 (Silver XL 8″)                       P/N 010504 (Silver XL 8″)


 Superior Protection for Extreme Angled Plug Wire Boots!

Fits nearly every type of boot!

Made from the same tightly woven high temperature, fireproof glass fiber material as Protect-A-Boots, theses  silver sleeves offer the same heat protection and double wall construction for added strength and durability, but are designed to provide a universal fit for extreme angled, over-sized, or rigid boots like ceramic ignition wire ends.


Fits nearly every type of boot!
The 1-1/4″ I.D. at both ends and pliable construction allow the sleeves to fit multiple angled spark plug boots.

P/N 010551 (2 pack)
P/N 010552 (8 pack)

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