TIMBREN – Snowplow Vehicle Suspensions


 Highly Recommended by Professionals and Governments for all Snow Removal Equipment!

The softer ride quality of today’s trucks and the mediocre suspensions found on most trailers can cause excessive trailer sway, instability and suspension settling. Timbren’s high performance suspension packages will ensure added safety and peace of mind.

These high performance suspension kits are specified on most municipal, county and provincial transport equipment for snow plowing. They are proven to be reliable even in areas where the heaviest snowfalls occur.

Whether you use a pickup to clear a small driveway or a class 8 highway truck with a wing blade, Timbren Industries has a suspension enhancement system designed to provide a safe and level ride for plowing snow in the toughest of environments.

Timbren has a complete line of front and rear suspension stabilizer kits.

Timbren Front Suspension Enhancement Kits are designed to provide the capacity needed to carry a snowplow or any other heavy load that is on the front axle. The SES kit keeps the vehicle level as part of the load is transferred to the real axle resulting in improved traction, improved steering, improved braking and improved handling.

Many snowplows are also equipped with very high center of gravity salt spreaders carrying heavy loads that induce sway.

Timbren’s Rear Suspension Enhancement Kit will improve roll stiffness and absorb road shock.





AEON Hollow Rubber Springs are the backbone of hundreds of load-handling suspension applications designed by Timbren engineers.

These powerful springs provide extra capacity when the plow is mounted and a smooth ride at all times.  They progressively carry the additional weight, preventing spring sag and bottoming out. These rubber cushions absorb road shocks and automatically adjust to uneven loads or road conditions. When the snowplow is removed, there is no interference with the normal activity of the suspension  with the design of these kits and the progress rate of the AEON spring.

Since the Aeon springs carry most the added load, your truck suspension will last longer. Your will have less maintenance costs and less downtime which is important to snowplow operators.

These are easy to install (no holes to drill  or airlines to route) and these kits  can be installed in a matter of minutes. There are no airlines or fittings to allow leaks , they are maintenance and trouble free and come with a lifetime warranty.  Timbren’s high performance suspension packages will ensure added safety and peace of mind.

Timbren SES parts are application specific. Go to: http://www.timbren.com/find-ses-kits.htm to find the SES kit for your vehicle.

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