Edelbrock – New Complete Cylinder Heads for Hydraulic Roller Cams


 Edelbrock is pleased to announce that the following complete  cylinder heads are available for vehicles with spring for Hydraulic roller cams.

Please Note:

  1. Heads are sold individually.
  2. These heads are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.

Performer RPM


Chevy ’86 & Earlier

  • Performer RPM cylinder heads have all of the same great features as Edelbrock’s Performer series, but are available with straight or angled spark plug configuration to fit a variety of exhaust applications.

P/N 60715 (Performer RPM with angled plugs (70cc combustion chamber), satin finish)
P/N 60735 (Performer RPM with straight plugs (70cc combustion chamber), satin finish)
P/N 60995 (Performer RPM with angled plugs (64cc combustion chamber), satin finish)


  • Performer RPM Chrysler heads deliver outstanding performance in non-emission 1967-91 Chrysler 318-340-360 c.i.d. engines
  • Capable of 417 horsepower and 397 ft-lbs. of torque on pump gas with an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold and matching camshaft

P/N 60775 (Performer RPM Chrysler)

Chrysler Magnum 

  • Designed for 1992 & later 5.2L (318 c.i.d.) and 1993 & later 5.9L (360 c.i.d.) Chrysler Magnum style V8s
  • Match with the Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Magnum manifold P/N 7577 for maximum horsepower and torque
  • Exhaust flanges in stock location to allow use of stock exhaust if desired
  • Accepts widely available small-block Chevy adjustable rockers 1.6 ratio and classic valve covers P/N 4177 and P/N 41773

P/N 61775 (Performer RPM Chrysler Magnum)


  •  Designed for non-emissions 289, 302, and 351-Windsor Ford engines
  • Maximum performance in the 1500-6500 rpm range for high performance street
  • 1.90″ intake valves are for use with stock pistons and high-flow 2.02″ intake valves work with pistons notched for valve clearance

P/N 60225 (Performer RPM with 1.90″ intake valves)


Chevy 454 Rectangle Port

  • Designed for street/high-performance big-blocks operating from 2500-7000 rpm
  • Specially designed ports for increased flow and velocity over standard big-block heads
  • Highly-efficient 118cc open-style combustion chamber
  • High-velocity 315cc long/300cc short intake ports
  • Smaller-than-stock 11/32″ valve stems promote excellent flow and lighter valve weight

P/N 60555 (Performer RPM 454-R)


  • Designed for 1961-1965 Chevrolet “W” series 348/409 big-block engines
  • Original port locations and valve angles for bolt-on convenience
  • CNC port matched 220cc intake and 115cc exhaust ports for optimum flow and power
  • Improved port design for more performance
  • Hardened spring cups, screw-in rocker studs and hardened guideplates

P/N 60815 (Performer RPM 348/409)

Chrysler 440

  • Designed for 1961-79 Chrysler 361-440 c.i.d. Wedge engines
  • Flow 291 cfm on the intake and 217 cfm on the exhaust at .600″ lift
  • Angled spark plugs for superior combustion
  • 88cc chambers are machined .100″ for clearance with quench dome style pistons

P/N 60185 (Performer RPM Chrysler 440 (88cc))
P/N 60925 (Performer RPM Chrysler 440 (84cc))

FE 390-428 Cobra Jet

  • Direct bolt-on heads for 1961-76 390-427-428 Fords
  • 428 Cobra Jet-sized valves promote excellent flow for streetable power

P/N 60065 (Performer RPM FE for 390-428 Cobra Jet)

Chevy 454-O

  • These oval port heads will support over 540 hp with 9.5:1 compression when used as part of the Total Power Package
  • Unique oval intake port shape produces flow similar to rectangular ports, but the smaller port size provides excellent seat-of-the-pants performance and crisp throttle response
  • Semi-open chamber design maximizes efficiency with streetable compression ratios
  • Smaller-than-stock 11/32″ valve stems promote excellent flow and lighter valve weight
  • Performer applications include heat crossover passage for emissions related engines

P/N 60455 (Performer RPM 454-0)


  • Designed for high-performance non-emission 1965-76 Olds 400, 425 and 455 c.i.d. V8s
  • Heart shaped chamber for a more efficient burn, outstanding hp and torque
  • Valvetrain has been upgraded from the factory pedestal-mount system to an ARP 7/16″ screw-in stud and 3/8″ pushrod-slot guideplate for increased valvetrain stability

P/N 60515 (Performer RPM Olds )

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