Put More Fire In The Hole!
Produce A Larger Spark For More Power At High RPMS!

Accel spark plugs have a unique U-Groove ground electrode. This specially design electrode was developed to meet the demand for improved ignitability and increased fuel combustion.  These plugs are designed for spark delivery and produce a larger spark for more power at high RPMs.

There are hundreds of part numbers, each one application specific.


  • Unique U-Groove ground electrode which results in less flame dissipation which improves throttle response & fuel economy, less fouling.
  • Copper core utilized for maximum spark
  • Purified Alumina insulator prevents arcing.
  • Machine rolled threads protect heads.
  • Available in Regular/Standard or “Shorty” sizes.

Shorty Spark Plugs:

The overall length has been reduced 1/4″ to 3/8″ to gain critical air gap space between the spark plug boot ad the exhaust manifold or header tube in the “Shorty” plugs.

This helps :

  • Solve spark plug header clearance problems
  • Ends burning plug boots
  • Eliminates “Dimpling” headers for clearance
  • Improves plug access
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