Northern’s High Performance products and innovative ideas will eliminate your search of cooling system solutions for your project car or race vehicle.

Northern is known for their hundreds of Aluminum High Performance Radiators  for race (Race Pro) and street/muscle cars (All Pro), Hotrods and engine swap/conversion applications.

Race Pro Racing Radiators

Designed to cool racing engines!

Offer up to 24% improvement in heat transfer over other brands of racing radiator .

  • Highly louvered cooling fins exclusively designed for high performance
  • 2 rows of 1″ high capacity cooling tubes
  • Extra heavy reinforced die stamped tanks for added rigidity
  • All welded construction – No gaskets!
  • Epoxy free construction – nothing to crack, chip or leak!
  • Billet machined filler neck for better pressure control
  • Heavy wall inlet & outlet fittings for secure hose connection
  • Available with High Performance aluminum 7 plate engine oil cooler

Click here to see the selection of Race Pro radiators Northern offers.

All Pro (Including Muscle Car) Radiators

OEM Style for Street Vehicles!

  • 40+ models cover hundreds of truck and passenger cars
  • Vehicle (application) specific design for maximum cooling
  • Lighter than OEM  copper/brass, but have up to 75% more cooling capacity
  • Extra heavy reinforced die stamped tanks – fewer seams and fewer leaks
  • All Welded construction – no gaskets
  • Billet machine filler neck for better pressure control
  • Thick hose connections for durable, no leak plumbing
  • Automatic transmission models use a Northern Ultra Performance 7 plate aluminum transmission cooler

Click here to see the selection of All Pro radiators Northern offers.

HotRod & Specialty Application Radiators

These radiators are for vehicles that aren’t found by application!

  • Revolutionary radiator mounts. Bolt-on mounts allow radiator mounting in all types of vehicles. Slotted mounts allow for adjustment to fit your vehicle.
  • Choose the largest size available for maximum heat transfer.

To select your custom radiator:

  1. Measure your radiator opening -the area where your Hotrod will mount. Hotrod radiator have the tanks included in the radiator overall sizes listed by Northern.
  2. Find the location of the hose connections so you can determine  Choose a radiator with the right connection configuration for the engine’s plumbing.

Click here to see the selection of Hotrod & Specialty Application radiators Northern offers.

Conversion Radiators

Designed for vehicles using engines nor originally installed in the vehicle.

Click here to see the various radiators available for engine swap vehicles.

Other Cooling Systems Solutions

Northern engineers and manufactures other Cooling Systems Solutions (fans, shrouds, plumbing and mounting). You can purchase a single or dual fan assembly or  electric fan to fit your radiator.

Fans and Fan Shrouds

Click here to see the various fans and fan shrouds available.

If your  application calls for more serious air movement, consider a HGH CFM Hurricane Fan kit.

These fans are noisier than regular electric fans and require substantially greater electric amperage and heavier wiring requirements as they are designed for difficult cooling situations.

Northern has the easiest shroud and fan program ever. They not only fits all brands of High Performance radiators, they even fits OEM radiators.

Coolant Plumbing/Modification Parts

  • Aluminum Connections
  • Double Beaded Connections
  • Overflow Fittings
  • Polishable Stainless Steel Tube
  • Radiator Modification Kits
  • Radiator Tees
  • Steel Radiator Tube
  • V8 Engine Coolant Plumbing Kit

Click here to see the various coolant plumbing/modification parts.

Other Radiator- Related Parts

  • Channel Caps
  • Flow Restrictors
  • In-Line Coolant Filter
  • Radiator Caps
  • Radiator Draincocks
  • Radiator Filler Necks
  • Radiator Mounting
  • Radiator Overflow
  • Radiator Shaker Screen
  • Repair Accessories

Click here to see the various radiator related parts.

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