BBK Coyote Swap Full Length Headers & X Pipes


Who would have thought that within only a few short months of Ford’s release of the Coyote, off-the-shelf parts can now be used to install the 5.0 Coyote into any 79-04 Mustang/Capri/Fairmont/etc?


If your latest project involves installing a NEW Ford Coyote 5.0 engine into a Fox body or SN95 Mustang, then BBK has the long tube exhaust headers you will need to complete the installation!

These headers were designed using a Maximum Motorsports K-member.

The long tube headers are mandrel bent high flow 1 3/4″ tubing with 3″ collectors, making them perfect for both n/a and boosted builds.Space constraints makes fitting a 1 7/8″ header very difficult, especially with the need to accommodate Ford’s chassis revisions over the 25 year span of the Fox chassis.

These BBK Mustang long tube exhaust headers are available as Chrome and Silver Ceramic coated versions. Stainless may be available depending on demand or by special order.

P/N 1634 (Chrome)
P/N 16340 (Silver Ceramic)


3″ Matching Short X pipes with or with out converters are also available to connect up to the Catback exhaust system.

P/N 1786 (W/Catalytic Converters)
P/N 1787 (Off Road)

You will need a new 3″ Catback exhaust system or to modify the stock Catback to fit because these x-pipes are 3″.

BBK highly recommends a new 3″ system.  Part# 17396 (87-93 Mustang GT only 3″ Cat Back Flowmaster).

For more information on this swap, follow a project at High Flow Performance. 

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