CTEK Smartest Battery Chargers in the World

More than just a battery booster!

UC 800 6V

For your vintage car and/or scooter

  • It is a complete 6V battery charger in a diminutive format that charges everything from small batteries of 1Ah up to the larger tractor batteries.
  • Includes two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.

P/N 56-191

US 800 12V

For maintaining seasonal or hobby vehicles with batteries up to 100Ah

  • 12-volt battery charger in small format and perfect as a maintenance battery charger perfect for vintage car, personal water craft, scooter, motorcycle, Quad/ATV, and lawnmower.
  • Includes two interchangeable connection leads, one with clamps, and one with eyelet terminals.

P/N 56-213

CTEK Smarter Chargers:

Smartly maintain the battery in prime condition through a series of 4 to 8 steps in our unique charging process. The chargers constantly monitor the battery to understand the battery condition and then act accordingly: disulphate, revive, charge, condition and maintains. The unique reconditioning step allows the battery to recover quickly and last longer.

They charge and maintain batteries with a patented system that’s battery and electronics friendly. The patented desulphation function can extend the life of your current battery 2-3 times that of its normal life.

CTEK Smarter Chargers also regulate the main voltage to protect sensitive and expensive electronic and audio equipment. They even have a backup power supply that allows you to charge vehicle batteries without losing your vehicles program settings.

These elegant, compact chargers are:

  • water and shock resistant,
  • UL-approved for outside use- they can perform under extreme weather environments, with a temperature range of (-4°F to +122°F).
  • Immune to power line fluctuations so your batteries will be charged efficiently with no interruption in their charging cycles
  • The patented float/pulse charging allows ‘set and forget’ for months at a time without harming the battery. Motorists do not need to have a specific knowledge of batteries or their charging methods. There is no need to even disconnect the battery during use – it’s simply ‘plug and play’.

CTEK chargers’ safety systems feature a spark-free, short-circuit-proof design that prevents reverse polarity. They  won’t allow you to damage your vehicle’s electrical system, even if you hook them up backwards. Conveniently, the red alarm light on the charger alerts you if it wasn’t attached correctly so that you can get it connected properly.

CTEK’s range of Smarter Chargers suits all types of lead-acid batteries for vehicles of all sizes and types including cars, motorbikes, marine vessels, agricultural vehicles, motor homes, lawn mowers, and more.

MURS 7.0

For your 12V/16V Racing applications.

  • The CTEK US RACING charger is light-weight and compact yet extremely robust as well as water and dust resistant (IP65).
  • With settings for 12V and 16V WET or AGM, this charger will provide fully automatic charging and can be left attached for months without the worry of overcharging.
  • The charger is supplied with a 2 year warranty.

P/N 56-830

Multi US 4.3 (MUS 4.3)

One charger for the car, motorcycle, lawn mower, snowmobile, sump pump and tractor!
This charger can solve a broad range of battery-related problems and is the perfect charger for those with high demands.

The MUS 4.3 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers selectable 0.8 A or 4.3 A to 12 V batteries from 1.2–110 Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 160 Ah. The charger is splash and dust proof, designed to protect vehicle electronics and non-sparking, reverse polarity protected and short-circuit proof. It is delivered with a 5-year warranty.


  • Battery diagnosis that shows if a battery can receive and retain a charge,
  • Patented maintenance charge for a unique combination of maximized life and performance
  • Unique maintenance charging, a mode for optimized charging during cold winter days and the charging of demanding AGM batteries (i.e. Optima).Fully automatic charging and maintenance in 8 steps maximizes battery life and performance
  • Automatic detection of end-of-life batteries that eliminates surprises,
  • Reconditioning function that restores stratified and deeply discharged batteries,
  • Patented desulphation that extends the battery life
  • Water-resistant so that the solution could be taken to the problem even if it rains or snows
  • No sparks, short-circuit proof and reverse-polarity protected for untroubled usage
  • Numerous accessories simplifies using the same charger for multiple batteries

P/N 56-864


Comfort Connect Cig Plug

Charge through the cigarette outlet!
Enables charging the battery through the cigarette outlet.
Note that the vehicle needs to have power on the cigarette outlet when not in use. CTEK Cig-Plug fits both 12 millimeter and 21 millimeter outlets and has a maze-like strain relief for the user’s safety.
For UC 800, US 800, MULTI US 3300, MULTI US 7002, US 0.8, and MUS 4.3.

P/N 56-263

Comfort Connect M10

No need to hassle with battery clamps.
For fast and simple reach even to well hidden batteries in the vehicle every time, just permanently mount Comfort Connect on every battery that needs charging and easily charge and maintain the batteries after use and for a prolonged life.

P/N 56-329 (M10 for side post batteries)

Comfort Connect Indicator Eyelet

Shows the status on the battery prolonging the life expectancy of the battery as it makes sure it can always be fully charged and it indicates when the harmful sulfation process begins.

Perfectly suited for permanent installation on batteries that are hard to reach –  motorcycle, lawn mower and Jet Ski.
For UC 800, US 800, MULTI US 3300, MULTI US 7002, US 0.8, and MUS 4.3 battery chargers.
P/N 56-382



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