Painless 8 Point Distribution Block Kits

No more overloading battery terminals with numerous feeds to different components!

Use this block anywhere power or ground distribution is necessary.

Built for  those fiberglass bodied kit cars/off road vehicles to make it easier to find a common grounding point and to  source power from in order to power the circuit breakers in these kits without having to run everything to the battery.

This distribution block handle both of these needs perfectly. One main 3/8″ stud makes it easy to supply power or ground directly to the block. There are 8 screws positioned around the stud making it easy to re-direct the main source to components on your chassis harness. Self tapping mounting screws are provided with each kit.


P/N 80114 (Black)

P/N 80115 (Red)

P/N 80116 (One red and one black block)

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