Ultra thin design to fit cramped locations!

These reversible fans helps prevent overheating in stop-and-go traffic.

They have reinforced glass filled polypropylene blade and plastic housing for minimized weight.

Designed to:

  • Fit the most popular cars and trucks,
  • Increases gas mileage,
  • Improves engine performance,
  • Frees the water pump pulley for more RPM,
  • Installs in minutes with simple hand tools,
  • Mounts in front or back of radiator (they are reversible )

Nylon tie mounting kit included.

Fan size is based upon approximate overall assembly diameter.

FANS – 2.5″ thick with  3,000 motor rpm, 7 amp draw & 25 amp fuel size:

P/N 67011 (10″, 1000 CFM)

P/N 67013 (12″, 1200 CFM)

FANS – 4″ thick with 30 amp fuel size:

P/N 67018 (14″, 2500 motor rpm, 8 amp draw, 1650 cfm)

P/N 67027 (16″, 2000 motor rpm, 9 amp draw, 2100 cfm)

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