Percy’s Wheelrite

How do you determine the largest wheel-and-tire package that will fit on your car?

Percy’s High Performance has addressed the problem by offering an affordable measuring device, the “Wheelrite”,  a past winner of the prestigious SEMA International Product Award. The Wheelrite is quickly becoming the standard tool of professionals in the wheel-fitment industry. 

This revolutionary new tool allow you to get a perfect fit the first time and every time when selecting new wheels and tires.  This tool bolts onto the vehicle’s hub to precisely simulate:

  • Bolt pattern
  • Wheel diameter
  • Wheel width
  • Backspacing and
  • Tire profile.

It also allows the installer to check a number of different sized wheels and tires without the expense or hassle of having multiple sizes of wheels and tires on hand.

Designed for 4 or 5-lug wheel bolt patterns from 98-130 mm. Will accommodate wheels between 6 in. and 11 1/8 in. wide and tires between 15 in. and 30 in. Backspacing up to 10 1/2 in.

P/N 01201

To view a video on this part, go to

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