Edelbrock Carburetors

Precisely tuned, quality-built carburetors that handle the rigors of daily driving while delivering consistent, reliable street performance from day to day.

 Every Edelbrock carburetor is manufactured by Magneti Marelli Powertrain USA Inc. and has been specifically designed and tuned by Edelbrock engineers to provide the widest overall torque range.

Performer Series Carburetors

Available In 500, 600, 750, & 800 CFM

Outstanding Street Performers

  • Bolt-on and run right out of the box
  • Dependable street performance and smooth throttle response throughout the power band
  • Unique ability to “hold a tune”, so once they’re tuned, they stay tuned. The performance remains consistent and the calibration stays unchanged.
  • Float levels are factory set, adjustment are rarely need.
  • Change jets, adjust floats and replace needles/seats without draining fuel or removing carburetor from manifold
  • Uses metering rods to transition between circuits. Unaffected by engine backfires, which means that there are no power valves to blow out, and the rods can be changed in seconds without carburetor removal or fuel draining.
  • Lightweight all-aluminum body features a two-piece body that resists warping and is compatible with gasohol and blended fuels. The simple tub-type bowls and rear-pivot floats all contribute to a carburetor that’s reliable, user-friendly and is easily tuneable for miles and miles of trouble-free operation.
  • Two-piece design means no gaskets below the fuel level for leak-free operation
  • Installation & tuning DVD included with every “NEW” carburetor

Match with an Edelbrock Performer or Performer EPS manifold and other brands of similar design.

Thunder Series AVS Carburetors

Available In 500, 600, 750, & 800 CFM

 Thunder Series AVS Carburetors are undeniably the most innovative and dependable street performance carburetors available today – designed and calibrated to deliver optimum street performance in hundreds of applications.

The next step up from the Performer with all the same outstanding features  and more.

  • Adjustable valve secondary allows for simple and accurate tuning across the RPM range. Primary and secondary booster clusters offer the most accurate and up-to-date calibration available for today’s fuels and octane levels.
  • The Thunder Series’ unique Qwik-Tune Secondary Air Valve allows for limitless calibration of the secondary circuit with simple hand tools while on your vehicle. It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s effective. It can be easily adjusted – in seconds – to suit your application… no extra parts required to achieve optimum performance.
  • Optional single or dual fuel inlet allows for total fuel plumbing flexibility

For unmatched street performance, combine them with Edelbrock Performer, Performer Air-Gap, Performer EPS, Performer RPM, RPM Air-Gap or Torker II manifold and camshaft combinations, as well as most stock and other aftermarket manifolds of similar design.

94 Two-Barrel Carburetors – Vintage Carburetor


Edelbrock 94 two-barrel carburetor provides nostalgic and period correct hot rods and restorations with the most accurate and best performing carburetor on the market.

The Edelbrock 94 features a die-cast bowl and air horn with an aluminum 3-bolt base.

The secondary version of this carburetor features no choke, making it a must have for multiple carb setups.

They both feature an extended throttle shaft to make it easier to install dual and triple carburetor combinations, especially when used with Edelbrock’s exclusive progressive linkage. The throttle shaft has also been knurled to prevent the linkage arm from slipping.

Extensive testing, both on the road and in our state-of-the-art engine dynamometer facility has allowed Edelbrock to offer a power valve and jetting combination that delivers a wide calibration band for smooth and strong performance in various applications.

  • Fits any standard 3-bolt intake manifold
  • Features a 3-bolt flange and cast aluminum base
  • Includes calibration instructions for Flathead and small cubic inch V8 engines
  • Match with an Edelbrock intake manifold, cylinder heads, linkage, fuel blocks and Classic series accessories for the complete classic look of the early hot rod era

P/N 1151 (Primary)     P/N 1152 (Secondary)

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