Mallory Fuel Pump

When it comes to performance, Mallory has you covered!

Mallory high performance electric fuel pumps are designed to fit all of your fuel needs.  This Comp Pump series electric fuel pump is ideal for high performance street or race applications. It’s perfect for any carbureted or fuel injected engine!

It has a high-quality, permanent-magnet 12 V electric motor and features factory-set base pressure.

Intended for gasoline use, each pump assembly features a quiet, high-efficiency Gerotor design that provides stable output.

The housings is fully machined and has a special design that allows for some adjustment of the output pressure.

The Comp Series pumps are available in many different ratings, from 60 to 500 gph, with fuel pressure ranging from 4 to 100 psi.

P/N 4140 (Universal, external, regulator included; 140 gph free flow rate with 12 psi maximum pressure)

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