Edelbrock E-Street Power Packages

These Top End Kits have been a huge hit due to their all-in-one-box convenience and “no guesswork” performance appeal!

Edelbrock matched parts are now available under one part number! The Edelbrock Total Power Package™ concept of selling dyno-matched components has been popular since the 1980s. These Top End Kits are performance-proven.

They include an Edelbrock intake, cylinder heads, hydraulic cam & lifters or hydraulic roller cam, timing chain (in most cases), complete bolt kits and an Edelbrock gasket set.

Choose the best Edelbrock carburetor for your application and check out the horsepower listed with each kit. These are real results from engine dynamometer tests on factory short blocks. Edelbrock Top End Kits deliver seat-of-the-pants performance you can feel throughout the RPM range!

P/N 2022 (E-Street for SBC ’57-’86)
P/N 5089 (Cylinder Heads, E-Street, SBC, Complete, Pair)
P/N 2701 (Manifold, Intake, Performer EPS, SBC, ’57-’86)
P/N 2102 (Camshaft & Lifter Kit, Performer, SBC, ’57-’86)
P/N 7800 (Timing Chain & Gear Set, Performer-Link, SBC )
P/N 8550 (Bolt Kit, Cylinder Head, SBC )
P/N 8504 (Bolt Kit, Intake Manifold, SBC, ’57-’86)
P/N 7361 (Gasket Kit, Top End, SBC, ’57-’86)
P/N 6997 (Gasket Kit, Front Cover, SBC)

P/N 2024 (For E-Street for 396-454 BBC ’95 & earlier)
P/N 50459 (Cylinder Head, E-Street, BBC, Oval Port, Complete, Pair)
P/N 7161 (Manifold, Intake, Performer RPM, BBC, Oval)
P/N 2162 (Camshaft & Lifter Kit, Performer, BBC)
P/N 7810 (Timing Chain & Gear Set, Performer-Link, BB)
P/N 8551 (Bolt Kit, Cylinder Head, BBC)
P/N 8564 (Bolt Kit, Intake Manifold, SBC, ’57-’86)
P/N 7363 (Gasket Kit, Top End, BBC)
P/N 6998 (Gasket Kit, Front Cover, BBC)

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