Holley Street HP Carburetors

Famous HP main body with Street/Strip metering!

Street HP™ uses the best features from Holley’s race Bred 4150 HP™ carbs, but tamed for street and light competition use. These carburetors are intended for lightweight vehicles with manual transmission or automatics with high stall & low gearing.


  • Street/Strip Model 4150™ Street HP™ Carburetor
  • Four Barrel
  • Street/strip calibration for outstanding throttle response & drivability
  • Contoured Main Body with tumble polished shiny finish from the 4150 HP™  finish
  • Street HP base plate with plenty of vacuum ports for power brakes, PCV, etc.
  • 1 timed (spark) port, 1 full vacuum, and 1 PCV port
  • Mechanical Secondary Double Pumper
  • Dual accelerator pumps
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Contoured Venturii inlet for increased airflow
  • Four corner idle for precise idle control
  • Metering system with a timed spark port for a vacuum advance distributor
  • Dual feed fuel inlet
  • No choke
  • Ford A/T kickdown, does not work with A.O.D. transmissions


P/N 0-82751 (750 CFM)    P/N 0-82851 (850 CFM)    P/N 0-82951 (950 CFM)

Parts & Kits for the Above Carburetors:

P/N 17-6 (Spread bore manifold adapter0
P/N 20-12 (Accelerator pump cam assortment)
P/N 20-121 (GM TH-700R4 transmission cable bracket)
P/N 20-122 (Pro series secondary linkage)
P/N 20-124 (Universal Carburetor Installation kit)
P/N 20-60 (Ford Transmission kickdown spring & bracket)
P/N 20-88 (Throttle cable/return spring bracket kit)
P/N 20-95 (GM A.O.D. transmission bracket kit)
P/N 26-137 (Secondary adjusting lever kit)
P/N 34-39 (Billet adjustable fuel log)
P/N 34-150 (Chrome fuel line)
P/N 36-181 (Jet kit)
P/N 36-184 (Accelerator pump tuning kit)
P/N 36-182 (Double Pumper tuning kit)

Additional Kits for P/N 0-82751:

P/N 20-91 (Ford Automatic transmission bracket kit)
P/N 36-240 (Air bleed kit)

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