RPC Products

This line offers high-quality chrome,  zinc and aluminum engine dress-up accessories for the Aftermarket.
It has over 1400 different hot rod, circle track and street rod products.

Following is a sampling of the many parts available.

Air Cleaners & Accessories:

P/N R2104 (A/C Velocity Stack Ea)
P/N R2110 (14″X 3″Round Paper element Ea)
P/N R2119 (14″X 4″Round Paper Element Ea)
P/N R2120 (14″X 3″Round Washable Element)
P/N R2121 (14″X 2″Round Washable Element)
P/N R2122 (14″X 4″Round Washable Element)
P/N R2148 (14″X 3″ A/C Set – 3″ Paper Element)
P/N R2170 (4 X 2 7/8″ A/C Kit-Paper)
P/N R7195 (14″X 3″ A/C Set – Paper)
P/N R8000 (14″X 3″ A/C Set – Paper)
P/N R8001 (14″X 4″ Muscle Car A/C)
P/N R2285 (14″ Mustang High Performance A/C)

P/N R2013 (Aluminum 1″A/C Riser W/O-Ring)
P/N R2013X (Aluminum 1/2″A/C Riser W/O-Ring)
P/N R2014 (Aluminum 1 1/2″A/C Riser W/O-Ring)
P/N R2014X (Aluminum 1″A/C Riser W/O-Ring Fit)
P/N R2015 (Aluminum 2 1/2″A/C Riser W/O-Ring)
P/N R2326 (1 1/2″A/C  Riser Ea)
P/N R2379 (1″A/C Riser Ea)
P/N R2380 (2″A/C Riser Ea)

P/N R2175 (5″A/C Stud W/ 1/4-20 Nut Ea)
P/N R2176 (A/C Adapter 2 5/8″ Neck)
P/N R2178Y (9″ A/C Stud Ea)
P/N R2178X (6″ A/C Stud Ea)


Brake Parts and Accessories:


Chrome Aluminum Master Cylinders
4 ports with 1″ bore.

P/N R3515 (Double barrel top)
P/N R3516 (Raise top)



Brake Boosters
Double diaphragm fits most GM cars and trucks. Available in two sizes and chrome or zinc finish.

P/N R3907 (7″ diameter, chrome finish)
P/N R3907X (7″ diameter, zinc finish)
P/N R3908 (8″ diameter, chrome finish)
P/N R3908X (8″ diameter, zinc finish)

Bracket for Power Brake Booster
Horizontal style, fits 7″ and 8″ chrome brake
booster. Available in chrome or zinc finish.

P/N R3918 (Chrome finish)  P/N R3918Z (Zinc finish)


Tubular Control Arms

Engineered, machine and T.I.G. welded for  strength and durability. Black.

P/N R9823 (Mustang II, Upper)

P/N R9824 (Mustang II, Lower)
P/N R9825 (Camaro, 1967-69, Upper)

P/N R9826 (Camaro, 1967-69,Lower)
P/N R9827 (A-Body GM 1964-72, Upper)

P/N R9828 (A-Body GM 1964-72, Lower)

Aluminum Cylinder Head – SBC

Straight plug.

P/N 4400

Stainless Steel Header Hose Kit

Kit contains:

  • 2 (44″) stainless steel hoses – 3/4″ O.D.
  • 4 aluminum end cap covers – “chrome” or “polished” (optional)
  • 4 rubber hose sleeve adapters – 3/4″ I.D.
  • 4 rubber reducers – 5/8″ I.D.
  •  8 hose clamps

P/N R7313 (44″Hose w/Polished caps)

Zinc Saginaw Power Steering Pump

A-can type GM Saginaw pump setup for bolt on pulley.

P/N R3913X (1973- up, GM)


P/N R3914 (Power Steering Accessory Hose Kit)

Stainless Steel Radiator Hose Kits

Each kit contains:

  •  1 stainless steel hose – 1 3/4″ O.D. (length varies)
  • 2 rubber hose sleeve adapters – 1 3/4″ I.D.
  •  4 rubber reducers – (2) 1 1/4″ I.D. & (2) 1 1/2″ I.D.
  • 4 hose clamps

P/N R7305 (24″ Hose w/Chrome caps)
P/N R7307 (36″ Hose w/Polished caps)
P/N R7310 (48″ Hose w/ polished caps)

Stainless Steel Radiator Overflow Tank

New improved “Twist-in” cap design. Mounting bracket and hardware included.

P/N R6073X (2″X15″)    P/N R6074X (2″X17″)    P/N R6076X (3″X10″)

Forged Mustang II Spindles

Direct replacement for 1974-’80 Pinto, 1974-’78 Mustang.  Sold in pairs.

P/N R9860 (Stock height)
P/N R9861 (2″ Drop)

Transmission Coolers

Anodized AluminumDual Pass Design
Includes two 1/4″ NPT fittings.

P/N R5050X (12″)
P/N R5051X (15″)
P/N R5052X (18″)

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