Industry leader in the automotive paints, primers and coatings!

Whether you’re restoring, restyling or simply protecting Dupli-Color has quality,  easy-to-use solutions that deliver professional results for the DIYer.

Still the industry standard for perfect-match paints, plus so much more. Repaint your whole vehicle with the easy-to-use ready to spray, no mixing required. Dupli-Color also formulates numerous automotive specialty coatings, including pickup bed coating, high-heat engine enamels, rust stoppers, and protective coatings.

Take your paint job to exciting new heights with Dupli-Color’s special effects paints, including spray-on metallics, metalflakes, reflectives, textures, and the color-shifting MIRAGE system.

The Dupli-Color product family includes many other trusted brands including Krylon, VHT and Tri-Flow.

Dupli-Color Premium Line General Purpose Products


1. Sandable Filler Primers

  • Fast drying with a sandable formula.
  • Capable of filling deep scratches and minor surface imperfections.
  • Has a high build and fast filling characteristics making it easy to feather an edge.
  • Provides a smooth, rust resistant base coat that improves adhesion and appearance of the topcoat.
  •  Ideal for metal, wood and fiberglass surfaces.

P/N CFP101 (Gray)    P/N CFP102 (Red Oxide)

2.  Sandable Primer Surfacer

Great for smooth fill-in of surface cracks and imperfections and is effective on both painted and unpainted surfaces.

Designed to provide a smooth, rust-resistant base coat that improves the adhesion and appearance of the topcoat.

  • The fast-drying sandable formula features outstanding high-build to help achieve topcoat uniformity and feather edging.
  • Available in standard gray, red, white or black to suit your specific painting needs.
  • Ideal for use on most metal, wood and fiberglass materials.

P/N CDAP1687 (Rust Resistant Primer)    P/N CDAP1689 (White Primer)
P/N CDAP1692 (Gray Hot Rod Primer)      P/N CDAP1694 (Red Oxide Primer)
P/N CDAP1698 (Black Hot Rod Primer)

3.  Self-Etching Primer

Designed to etch and prime for paint, all in one easy step!
Etches and primes bare metal in one step, making it ideal to use as the first step in all automotive priming projects and for use on spot repairs.

  • Superior adhesion and is perfect for spot repairs.
  • Can be used on all of today’s automotive finishes, also ideal for most plastic, fiberglass, bare steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials.

P/N CDAP1690

4. Primer Sealer

Just use it before the topcoat is applied, especially when you’re over-coating with a lighter color.

  • Creates a smooth uniform surface for final coating by completely sealing the primed surface.
  • Provides maximum corrosion resistance and improves bonding of base colors.
  • Ideal for metal, wood and fiberglass.

 P/N CDAP1699

 5.  Acrylic Enamel

Exceptional quality in a general purpose enamel paint!
Deliver the ultimate in protection, gloss, and color retention

  •  Superior, high-solids formula ensures maximum coverage and performance.
  • EZ Touch Fanspray nozzle.
  • Ideal on metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces.

P/N CDA1600 (Gloss OSHA) Black)      P/N CDA1603 (Semi-Gloss Black)
P/N CDA1605 (Flat Black)                    P/N CDA1610 (Medium Gray)
P/N CDA1612 (Machinery Gray)            P/N CDA1620 (Royal Blue)
P/N CDA1630 (Leaf Green)                   P/N CDA1640 (Cherry (Equipment) Red)
P/N CDA1663 (School Bus Yellow)        P/N CDA1670 (Gloss (OSHA) White)
P/N CDA1672 (Flat White)                    P/N CDA1684 (Chrome Aluminum)
P/N CDA1692 (Crystal Clear)

6.  Lacquer

  • A fast-drying, high-solids formula
  • Provides quick coverage, excellent weatherability and superior adhesion.
  • Rich glossy finish every time making it
  •  EZ Touch Fanspray nozzle.
  • Ideal for automotive trim and detail projects, as well as other general purpose applications.

P/N CDAL1607 (Flat Black)           P/N CDAL1608 (Semi-Gloss Black)
P/N CDAL1675 (Gloss White)        P/N CDAL1677 (Gloss Black)
P/N CDAL1679 (Silver Metallic)      P/N CDAL1695 (Clear Lacquer)

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