Professional Products Manifolds

Professional Products offers a number of different designs of manifolds to fit a variety of requirements in three different finishes.

Intake manifolds features include:

  • All ports very accurately positioned due to advanced casting techniques.
  • Every tapped hole in each manifold is chased with a tap to clear our polishing residue and assure the threads are not damaged, just before packing.
  • All polished manifolds are meticulously hand polished to show all levels
  • Ford Manifold includes rear water crossover passage.

Check out the various styles outlined below to see which manifold design best fits your specific application. Make sure that the manifold you have selected is correct for your needs.

There are seven styles (3 of which are for racing applications), available in polished, satin or “RealChrome” finish.


Great all-around street manifolds for mild performance applications at affordable prices.


A great medium performance manifold that includes all the latest manifold technology for the street.
It is a step up from the Cyclone.

Its slightly taller height (about 3/8” taller than the Cyclone) provides more power and torque. It also has a rear water crossover (the only SB Chevy manifold made by anyone with this feature), nitrous bosses and a square bore carburetor flange.

Available with or without intake gaskets, a tube of gasket sealer, 12-point stainless bolts, and all necessary pipe plugs.


The CrossWind design is very popular. Design features the identical plenum and runner design as the Typhoon.

The main difference is that there is an open area (air gap) under the plenum chamber. The air flowing under the plenum provides a cooler charge for the incoming air with less heat transfer from the engine which provides additional power.

If  looks is your main interest, along with more power, the Typhoon might be a better choice because it is impractical to polish the open area below the plenum on the CrossWind.


Typhoon intake manifolds are powerful dual plane manifolds.  These are among the best manifolds that you can use for non-pollution controlled street machines, bracket racing, nitrous, or supercharged applications.

They feature a square bore carburetor flange, nitrous bosses, 4-corner water ports, and dual distributor hold-downs.


Racing Manifolds



The most popular race manifolds. Utmost performance for the very least cost!

The base Hurricane is a terrific manifold for budget engines such as claimer motors.


An improved version of the Hurricane which, like the Hurricane, is designed for 400 to 550 hp engines under 400 cubic inches. The Hurricane+Plus makes about 12 to 15 more HP than the Hurricane on a similar engine.

Super Hurricane

For all out racing with large cubic inch engines (420+) on gas, or any size alcohol engine, the Super Hurricane.  Dyno tests have shown significant power increases over competitive manifolds.

The Super Hurricane is also available in a version with machined injector bosses.

Following is just a sampling of the many intake manifolds available.

SBC Applications:
P/N 52001 (‘95-’57 – low rise, Cyclone,   Satin)
P/N 52002 (‘95-’57 – low rise, Cyclone,  RealChome)
P/N 52006 (’96 & + Vortec, Cyclone  Polished)
P/N 52007 (’96 & + Vortec,  Cyclone, Satin)
P/N 52009 (’95-’57 w/EGR, Cyclone, Satin)
P/N 52010 (’95-’57, Cyclone+Plus, Polished)
P/N 52011 (’95-’57, Cyclone+Plus,  Satin)
P/N 52014 (’95-’57, Cyclone+Plus, RealChome)
P/N 52021 (’95-’57, Typhoon, Satin)
P/N 52028 (’96 & + Vortec,  Crosswind, Satin)
P/N 52031 (’95-’57, Hurricane, Satin)
P/N 52039 (’95-’57 EFI, Super Hurricane, Satin, includes machined injector bosses)

BBC Applications:
P/N 53001 (Oval ports, Cyclone, Satin)
P/N 53026 (Oval ports, Crosswind, Satin)

SB Ford Applications:
P/N 54000 (5.0L, Typhoon, Polished)
P/N 54001 (5.0L, Typhoon, Satin)
P/N 54026 (5.0L, Crosswind, Satin)
P/N 54020 (5.0L, EFI Mustang, Polished)
P/N 54021 (5.0L, EFI Mustang, Satin)
P/N 54023 (351W, Typhoon, Satin)
P/N 54061 (4.6L 2V, Satin)

SB Mopar Application:
P/N 55026  (Crosswind, Satin)

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