Weiand Aluminum Mechanical Water Pumps

Weiand Action Plus and Team G water pumps deliver THE WEIAND ADVANTAGE!

All Weiand water pumps are manufactured to the strictest quality standards at Holley’s ISO  9002:2000 Certified Facility in Bowling Green, KY and these pumps are cast in “Permanent Mold” tooling which delivers optimized flow rates, unparalleled casting quality and an amazingly smooth surface finish. These are light-weight, performance aluminum mechanical water pumps.

The  Action Plus aluminum pumps are ideal for street use. They feature:

  • Weigh approximately 30 to 50 percent less than stock iron pumps
  • Exclusive counterbore to keep the bearing from “walking” in the housing.
  • Heavy-duty shaft
  • Premium quality bearing/seal
  • Stamped steel impeller that provides optimum water flow, while consuming less horsepower than stock pumps. The impeller also limits high rpm cavitation (air in the water) and will not crack, corrode, or fatigue like aluminum impellers can.
  • Twice the load capacity of stock pumps,
  • All necessary bracket bosses and hose connections.
  • Available in short, long or twisted snout style snout design, natural/satin or polished finish

The Action Plus water pumps are also available in cast iron for enthusiasts not concerned with weight or want the high flow characteristics in a more stock appearing pump.

The Team G water pumps are ideally suited for racing. Designed with premium features that will assure reliable and consistent engine cooling performance.  Styles available for:

  • Both standard Chevrolet and Corvette SB V8s and BB Chevrolet
  • Short, long or twisted snout style snout design with natural/satin finish
  • Adjustable or non-adjustable mounting design

Following are a sampling of the Weiand water pumps available.

Action Plus Aluminum Water Pumps:
P/N 8215P (Ford 5.0L R/flow, polished)



P/N 9208 (SBC twisted, short snout, satin)
P/N 9208P (SBC twisted, short snout, polished)

P/N 9212 (BBC twisted, short snout, satin)
P/N 9212P (BBC twisted, short snout, polished)


P/N 9240 (SBC, twisted long snout, satin)
P/N 9240P (SBC, twisted, long snout, polished)


P/N 9242 (BBC, twisted, long snout, satin)
P/N 9242P (BBC, twisted long, polished)



Team G Aluminum Water Pump:

P/N 9221 (SBC & Corvette, twisted, short snout, adjustable)

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