MSD Street Fire Distributors

Quality Components at a low price – with Confidence!

MSD Street Fire is a  brand from MSD that delivers quality at a budget price. Street Fire components offer a quality-designed alternative to the bargain parts springing up all over. All of the Street Fire components are specified by MSD engineers and designed to provide performance for the price.

MSD knows the importance of a centrifugal advance in a distributor so their engineers made sure that the MSD Street Fire received:

  • An advance assembly with coated weights and welded weight pins-not pressed in like other models.
  • The same gear used on Pro-Billet models. The metallurgy of this gear has been refined for years to perform through the harshest conditions. You just can’t  scrimp on is a distributor gear.

These distributors also feature:

  • All new components
  • Adjustable vacuum advance helps tune it to each engine
  • Ready to drop in your V8 engine and replace the worn-out OEM piece. They feature a factory-style ignition module, along with a durable new cap and rotor. These distributors use a cast housing, making them more affordable, but are much stronger than standard OEM distributors. Available for both Ford and Chevy EFI engines.


P/N 5591 (’88-’95 GM EFI V8, computer controlled advance,
external coil)



P/N 5592 (’96-’00 GM Vortec V8)







P/N 5594 (’86-’93 Ford Mustang 5.0L, w/Module)
One of the most popular Ford Distributors!






P/N 8362 (Chevy V8 GM HEI Distributor)





P/N 5520K (SBC Street Fire CD Ignition w/Rev Limiter kit: HEI Distributor, Advance Curve Kit, Plug Wires & Trigger Cable Adapter)

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