Comp Cams LS Adjustable Timing Set – News Release

Designed to fit non-LS7 Type Gen III/IV Engines

COMP Cams® has released a new 58x 3-bolt adjustable timing set with 4 sensor hub designed to fit Gen III/Gen IV LS1-6 applications for those  LS fans with a late model LS computer switching to a 3-bolt cam for more strength and reliability .

Features of this new LS Adjustable Timing set are:

  • Increases strength & timing accuracy when switching to a more durable 3-bolt cam core
  • The 58x timing needed to work with late model LS computers
  • Super accurate timing and bulletproof reliability with a four pole reluctor
  • Billet steel sprockets and premium roller chains
  • Machined on state-of-the-art CNC equipment to increase durability and reliability
  • Captured thrust bearings further reduce friction
  • Side plates are cut and shaved from high strength steel and heat treated for maximum fatigue resistance
  • The .250˝ rollers are “cold rolled” and hardened to exacting standards, which increases load and RPM capabilities for maximum performance

P/N 3172KT


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